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Memory Settings Question

By JimShady23
Feb 6, 2006
  1. Ok, here is the deal....just upgraded to a new mobo....Abit AN8 Ultra socket 939 and I am really confused about the Memory settings in the biios. It dont give me the normal 4 settings for timmings it gives me like 15 choices and I have no clue what they mean or how to even attempt to get the desired timmings I want set up correctly.

    I have 4 dimms 512mb ea. of OCZ Gold PC3700 Gold Rev.3 memory.

    The new motherboard gives me the option to run these puppies at their rated speed of 466mhz without having to raise the FSB up to the same....Just a voltage raise to 2.7 or 2.8v......

    OCZ Rates this memory to run at 2.5-3-3-6 timings at 466mhz and that is what I want to set it at....But my bios automatically sets the timings a lot looser and I am not sure what settings to mess with to acheive my desired timings.....

    Here are the choices my Bios gives me on the memory config screen. As I said before I am not sure what to change to accomplish the timmings I desire...And after I figure out what 4 settings to change what and the heck are the other 11 settings for and do i need to change them...????

    Row Latency Time - 2.5

    Row Cycle Time - 8 clocks

    Row Refresh Cycle Time - 24 clocks

    RAS# to CAS# Delay - 3 clocks

    RAS# to RAS# Delay - 2 clocks

    Min RAS# Active Time - 6 clocks

    Ras Percentage Time - 6 clocks

    Write Recovery Time - 2 clocks

    Write to Read Delay - 2 clocks

    Read to Write Delay - 4 clocks

    DRAM Command Rate - 2T ( Gives the option of 1T Also)

    Burst Leangth - 4 beats ( Can Change to 8 or 2 also)

    Bank Interleaving - Enabled

    32 Bit DRam Memory Hole - Auto ( Can change to Software, Hardware or Disable)

    MTRR Mapping Mode: Continuous ( Can Change to discrete)

    If some memory savy person can give me the rundown on what and the heck all these settings mean and do and how to set them to the desired timmings I desire would be greatly appreciated.......Thanks Guys
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