Memory upgade problem

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May 1, 2009
  1. Having a little problem with my Gateway pc. I have model #gm4019e with c51gu01 motherboard. Upgrading from 2 x 512mb pc3200 chips. Would like to add 2 x 1024mb chips. Have tried different arrangements but neither the new or old memory chips will work if they are in dimm 2 and/or 4.
    when memory is in dimm slots 2 or 4, the computer opening screen freezes with faint vertical lines show as video disturbance. can't go into cmos from there. Computer sounds a long beep when I try to start up with with a memory stick in dimm 2 slot. The existing 512's were in dimm1 slot and dimm3 slot and the 1gb upgrades work in those slots but windows only recognizes 1.87 gb. I would like to use all 4 sticks for a total of 3 gb but nothing will work in dimm 2&4 slots.
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    OEM computers like your Gateway are very picky about memory modules. It would be useful to check your Gateway's model specs to insure the total memory allowed, and the memory type must stay the same as the original modules
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    memory upgrade

    The dimm slots will handle 1gb and i bought low density sticks. They work in the # 1 and 3 slots but neither the original or upgrade sticks will work in dimm slots 2 and 4
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    Are there any jumper settings on the motherboard that might enable the other memory positions? Bios settings may affect this too
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    I didn't see any jumpers but I wasn't really looking for them. I think they went out of style.

    We did check the bios and gave one try to "enabling" the sw memory hole thing. It had been disabled but after one try, we gave up on that and disabled it again, I still think it might be worth trying that again.
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