Metal Gear dev talks about a platform-free future for gaming

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Apr 8, 2010
  1. We've heard countless times about the PC nearing its inevitable demise as a gaming platform, citing how weak sales and piracy have forced developers to focus almost exclusively on consoles. While I don't particularly agree with that notion, it's true that the market is evolving and the future of gaming may look quite different a few years down the road than it does today. If you take Hideo Kojima's word for it, it is closed platforms in general that are set to die a quick death.

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  2. Computers will always give the user a far more better experience when playing games than any of the 3 current gen consoles can offer. I see the potential in what he is saying but I highly doubt that it will come anytime soon.
  3. TomSEA

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    "platform-agnostic software"

    Now there's a buzz word for ya!

    I tend to agree that platform free gaming is the wave of the future. But not for a while due to technology and band-width limitations. Probably not until after the next generation of consoles have come and gone.
  4. I think Mr. Kojima is speaking based on the trend in Japan, but definitely not for the rest of the Gaming World. Just give us a MGS 5 and quit prophesying!
  5. Richy2k9

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    hello ...

    he's right, but out of his time ;) ... this may be the case in a not so near, yet no so very far future, but i'll always prefer disc based, physical media just for the sake of touching it.

    when this will be a reality, it will also mean cheaper games, but i think i'll be long gone :p

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