MFT corrupt partition NTFS

By Ahmad Chohan
Feb 21, 2013
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  1. I was installing new Windows 7. I didn't touch partition F:\ at all! But there was a problem in installing Windows, after everything got compleated Windows wasn't proceeding from its logo and was getting restarted after blinking a Blue Scereen!
    then I installed windows through Bootable USB everything worked that wasn't by DVD but now!

    I got check-up for partition F: ! It was showing that "Corrupted master file"
    Windows wasn't doing anything after that it was just stuck there So I restarted it!

    Now! When I try to open this partition it shows:

    Also It wasn't boot-able!
    I just want to fix this partition! I tried "GetDataBack for NTFS" it didn't work as all videos It recovered wasn't working
    Please Help!

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