Microphone picks up system and game sounds

I am on a HP Elitebook 840 G4 Laptop that uses Conexant audio drivers. The issue that I'm facing is that whenever I use earphones, the mic will always pick up system sounds. So if I'm on a discord call, my friends will hear all the game sounds and the anything else going on in the background on my Laptop. It isn't just a problem with Discord since I've tested it out on Voice Recorder and got the same result.

Here's what I've tried so far:

  • I've Disabled Stereo Mix
  • I've Disabled Audio Enhancements
  • I've Unchecked "Listen to This Device"
  • I've Deleted and Reinstalled both the sound device and all the drivers
  • I've tried changing the sound levels and booster for the microphone
  • I've tried different earphones to see if the problem exists (It does). I haven't tried a Headset though.

Everything works fine if I use the Laptop's internal microphone. It doesn't pick up any game sounds or any system sounds. I've checked on a ton of different forums and tried numerous solutions that worked for others but nothing worked for me. Would be really grateful if someone can offer a working solution.

Thank You


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I am thinking that the microphone you have on the earphones is omni-directional so it is picking up all sound in the room including those game sounds in your earphones?

You should try a Plantronics Blackwire C3220 headset (Amazon item). When you plug those in they will install a new sound card (Digital sound card built in to the headphones) and the boom mic in unidirectional and has a noise cancelling feature. I can play my music in the room when I game and the discord people can't hear it. The headset is lightweight and doesn't pinch my ears.