Microsoft admits WGA failures “coming up more commonly now”

By alidabiri
May 15, 2007

    besides this issue, some virus programs, are identifying WGA setup as spyware and rootkit. I have also noticed that when you set your updates to anything other than automatic, after a while, it changes to automatic after last weeks's update with kb905474.
    this really looks bad on microsoft. case in point: which i posted here, was that after over a year and half of using my xp, and having validated it several times (by downloading premium goodies), saturday, my pc displays this msg that "you may be a victim of software counterfeiting" and that "this copy of windows is not genuine", "cryptographic error in hashing" and "product id is bad and needs changed". ms forums on this problem ends up with a standard cut and paste answer from phil liu that offers a quick new product key change for irate customers. after calling microsoft and explaining my situation, i was given a product key change software without any questions.
    somebody needs to do something about this, somehow.
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