Microsoft axes hundreds of jobs across the globe

By Guest
Jul 7, 2010
  1. It appears Microsoft has taken the hedge clippers to its payroll, trimming hundreds of jobs across the globe, with many of the losses occurring at the software giant's Redmond headquarters. This is apparently part of a "strategic realignment" that the company undergoes annually, but Microsoft employs almost 90,000 people, so dismissing hundreds doesn't exactly count as an exodus. In fact, the layoffs will probably balance out with the normal new hires taken in over the course of a year – the company picked up 416 people in the last quarter alone.

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  2. Vrmithrax

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    Well, considering what a marketing nightmare the Kin was, I would hope that marketing positions are the ones being axed... I don't see any way they will ever recoup their marketing expenditures on that product alone. Plus, Windows 7 is pretty firmly entrenched now, so there is less need for a Win7 hype marketing team, so more room for trimming (until the next OS launch looms near).

    I really truly hope that the first people canned were the ones that thought up the Kin and the group of "yes men" who propagated the attitude that it was ever a good idea. That group was clearly completely out of touch with the consumer base, and Microsoft doesn't need that kind of baggage weighing it down.
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