Microsoft considered buying Nokia but walked after seeing their books

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Jun 11, 2012
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  1. Nokia's fall from grace as the world's leader in the mobile phone industry has been well documented. Reports of buyouts from Microsoft and Samsung have sparked some interest this year...

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  2. I doubt Microsoft would get Nokia. Like the purchase of Motorola by Google it would have to pass muster first. I must say that it wouldn't be in Nokia's & Microsoft's best interest. A wise chioce would be for Microsoft to get a tablet/ laptop company and go from there. Mobile computing is the future and will be for a long time. Cell phones are Now smartphones. If Microsoft picked up say Hewlett Packard Mobile division then maybe it would be worth it. But Nokia is at a dead end. Its days are numbered.
  3. No one likes Microsoft phones, and I'm pretty sure its less than 2% of mobile market that use windows on there phone. Without the software of hardware you going noware.
  4. Teko03

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    WP7 is a great OS, I love my Windows Phone device. it's just the fact that MS came a little late in the ball game (after their failed WinMo OS). Everybody has already sided with with Android or iPhone (both consumers & developers). WP8 will probably be MS's last shot at being a competitor.
  5. TJGeezer

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    It'd be a mistake to count Microsoft out just yet. Vista had me convinced my next major OS switch would be to Linux, where by then I was spending half my time anyway. Then they came out with Windows 7 and everything changed. They could do the same with mobile, seems to me, especially given how fast not-quite-PCs mobile is converging with the not-quite-phones heirs of the desktop. And Microsoft is nothing if not competitive.
  6. LookinAround

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