Microsoft details Office 2010, opens technical preview

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Jul 13, 2009
  1. The world\'s most popular office suite and one of Microsoft\'s biggest sources of revenue is about to get a refresh. As the company rolls out an invitation-only preview of Office 2010, details are beginning to surface about what Redmond has in store for desktop productivity. The most notable change, which Microsoft is not offering to those participating in the preview yet, will be the addition of web-based versions of its software.

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  2. TomSEA

    TomSEA TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,714   +855

    I hate what they did with Office 2007 and still use 2003 when I can. Can't even begin to imagine how they're going to mess up 2010.
  3. I bealive more for OpenOffice and it as a great product with ODF support!!! With ODF support which must be as default ISO standard format!!!!
  4. guyver1

    guyver1 TS Booster Posts: 110

    I havent used Micosoft Office now for about 5 years after discovering OpenOffice.
  5. yukka

    yukka TechSpot Paladin Posts: 861   +67

    We use Office 2007 at work and I support it for 1500 staff members. It does what it says on the tin. Decent software, lots of features, very stable.

    Anyone that doesnt like the new Ui can use the animated tutorials that allow you to choose a command in Office 2003 Ui then shows you where it is in Office 2007 so no head scratching.

    Good news that Office 2010 will just be a refresh. Looking forward to seeing how feature complete the web versions are.
  6. peacefulchaos

    peacefulchaos TS Rookie Posts: 44

    I'm looking forward to it. It will be nice to have Office available via the browser. As far as "re-imaging" goes I'm not sure if that's necessary, but I can accept change as I did moving to 07 from 03.
  7. DarkCobra

    DarkCobra TS Rookie Posts: 79

    What Yukka said interests me. Are you saying there's a command line somewhere in Office 2007 (in the tutorials somewhere) where you can roll back to the UI of Office 2003? It seems like you were saying something along those lines. I would love to get rid of the ribbons in 2007 and revert back to the standard tool bars of 2003 where I can have only the tools "I" want up there without having to navigate through every tool they ever invented in order to find the few I need. If there is such a feature can you point to specifically where this ability can be found? Thanks!
  8. I seem to rmember something like that appearing on something like Anyway, there are some suggestions on the forum thread below, found by typing the problem into Google:

    Hope this helps.
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