Microsoft Edge overtakes Firefox as the second most popular browser


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NetMarketShare’s March update shows that while Chrome remains the number one browser by a mile with its 68.5 percent share of the market, Edge has moved to second place with 7.59 percent. It’s bad news for Firefox, which has fallen from the number two spot after declining to 7.2 percent. Sitting below Mozilla’s browser is Internet Explorer with 5.87 percent, followed by Safari on 3.62 percent.

With Firefox and Internet Explorer losing users, it’s likely that some have defected to Edge or Chrome, the latter of which also saw its share increase last month, by 1.23 percent.

While Edge's lead over Firefox is minimal, and it did only see a 0.21 percent gain in March, the browser is moving in the right direction, which isn’t too surprising. Microsoft's decision to rebuild Edge with the same Chromium platform used by Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, and more brought benefits such as compatibility with Chrome extensions, along with improved performance and customization.

For those still not convinced by Edge, Microsoft is adding a slew of new features that could change their minds, including password monitoring and tracking protection, an immersive reader, and vertical tabs & Edge collections.

March also saw Google warn people about the ‘security risks’ that come with using Edge and suggested switching browsers, but the warning soon disappeared.

Microsoft has confirmed that Covid-19 disruption to staff means major new updates to Edge will be put on hold, and it will focus on fixing bugs in the current version. As Google has done with Chrome, Microsoft has canceled version 82 of the Edge browser.

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Edge Chromium is basically the enhanced version of Chrome.....I would stick with the non-Google FireFox...!

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Chrome is such a boring browser, I prefer Firefox, but it’s still too slow. I live new Edge better than Chrome and with the new features coming it could be quite good. Will it have the ability to chromecast?


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Could you elaborate a bit on both stories?
This is when the addon troubles started.
With each new release the devs couldn't keep up and eventually many stopped trying.

I'll leave this link for lack of morality. Whether it is what psycros was referring to or not.

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I prefer Firefox over all the chromium trash. Chromes delivery methods far outweighs any of the morality issues, I may have with Mozilla. And spare me the hogwash about chromium not being chrome.


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I don't get the Edge hype. Edge does not always delete the entire browser history when you tell it to. It hides some data which can only be seen and removed when using a 3rd party cleaner, so "secure" it is not. Overall, Vivaldi is a far better non-Google Chromium based offering and has become the new power-user browser (ever since Firefox stopped being Firefox...)


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Still using Firefox. Never felt the "fast"-ness of Chrome. I tried installing Chrome at different stages, and ended up uninstalling at each. I just feel Firefox is more flexible in terms of customization and add-ons. Or maybe I'm just used to it since it's inception. I never liked Edge.
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IMO all browsers are pretty much the same in terms of performance. It just comes down to personal preference. Edge defintely became much better but I am surprised to see Firefox fall that low.


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Edge opens up on my PC more often than I purposely open my chosen browser. That could add to the numbers, since I cannot uninstall the trash called Edge. And even when I change the things that Edge opens to be opened by something else, it often gets reverted back to "default" after some windows updates.


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Any big tech company who engages in censorship against me as an American makes it an obligation for me to either 1) find an alternative solution or 2) exploit their software/platform for all it's worth. If you censor me or spy on me you become my enemy.
I've stopped using Chrome and I'm working on making my GMail account irrelevant meaning only SPAM or unimportant emails.
I've been using the 'Brave' browser to get away from the other 2 tech giants add trackers. Personal privacy is the goal of the 'Brave' browser.
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