Microsoft expands rollout of Windows 10 May 2020 Update to PCs approaching end of service


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Bottom line: Microsoft adopted a staggered release schedule for Windows 10 updates, allowing it to identify and resolve potential conflicts with certain hardware/software configurations to result in a smoother update experience for more users. As many PCs still await the latest May 2020 Update (version 2004), the company has begun expanding its roll out to include devices running older versions of Windows 10 that are set to reach end-of-service in November this year.

Microsoft's May 2020 Update for Windows 10 arrived with plenty of useful features like Cloud Recovery, better memory management, search indexing, and improvements to multi-monitor setups with the Display Driver Model (WDDM) 2.7. It also added in support for 10th-gen Intel Comet Lake processors and AMD Ryzen 4000-series chips.

A notification system was introduced as well, letting users know when their PCs were ready to receive the latest update as Microsoft dealt with problems that would inevitably pop up as usage widened. Surely enough, the May 2020 update brought in its own fair share of bugs and issues, some of which Microsoft managed to quickly fix, while others still await a patch.

This whole situation, which usually repeats itself every now and then, is why Microsoft is increasingly cautious of rolling out Windows 10 feature updates, with many users getting it weeks or sometimes months after release. Now, however, the company is pushing version 2004 to PCs running older versions of Windows 10 that will be soon be reaching their end of support.

"Using the machine learning-based (ML-based) training we have done so far, we are increasing the number of devices selected to update automatically to Windows 10, version 2004 that are approaching end of service," noted Microsoft.

Users should still expect to come across a few bugs with this update as Microsoft is currently investigating issues related to mouse dragging in IME, variable refresh rate not working on Intel iGPUs, problems with Bluetooth Realtek drivers for connecting multiple devices and Conexant ISST/Synaptics audio drivers, as well as with Nvidia GPUs running older drivers (version 358.00 and below).

Meanwhile, the list of recently resolved issues includes fixes for Outlook, Thunderbolt docks, ImeMode property for IMEs, Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (lsass.exe), Always On, Always Connected devices and DISM command tool.

Although Microsoft didn't mention which versions are being targeted for the May update, it's likely that devices running Windows 10 versions 1709 and 1809 will be prioritized as these OS versions are set to receive their last security updates later this year, following the company's decision to extend their end of support deadline.

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I got burned going with the 2004 update and I'm going to sit this one out until something more stable is released.


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I just built 2 new amd computers and installed new first use win10 x64 pro in each. one from a live usb accidentally though I had the oem disk I bought in the drive the usb booted and that one was great updated perfectly to 2004 in june as it was only going from wherever I made the live iso download. the 2nd one I did directly from the dvd no mistakes and this one just would not update any farther than the 1908 and I got the above type messages. not ready or other very vague message. every part in the box was brand new and never used anywhere before so the message it gave left me highly confused. it implied that something was wrong with my machine and I did something wrong. microsoft did mess up and instead seemed to blame the end user. luckily I read lots of stuff and had a clue but not 100% sure since I am just a tinkerer and always figuring I made some mistake or other.
I have a 3rd computer that started as windows 7 and got forced into windows10 long ago.. I had been an insider in a virtual machine. the forced update killed the virtual machine but I stayed in the insider program. from before any release candidate was created. that computer is still updating and running well without any update issues at all.I now have 2 computers here in 20H2 and one still at 2004. but I did have about 2weeks of drama on the one I installed from the dvd. clearly an older disc from sometime after october but maybe end of october 2019. I learned I should install the next new os from a live iso usb I make the day of installation and just use the dvd for the code numbers to activate. would have saved me a little bit.


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It won't update to 2004 cause the OEM disc likely had 1809 or older on it. There is a update that is needed, as you likely went from 1709 or 1809 to 1909. Whatever the versions are lol. Just install the update that's missing and you should be able to install 2004 when rdy. You can just google the issue and you'll find the solution.