Microsoft intros radically overhauled mobile platform, Windows Phone 7 Series

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Donning its game face, Microsoft has revealed a ground-up redesign of the Windows Mobile operating system with a new platform called the Windows Phone 7 Series. The diffusely named software completely abandons the company's previous mobile strategy -- which largely focused on business users -- and concentrates on uniting everyday users with other consumer electronics and social infrastructures.

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Hey guys! you know Microsoft has never competed in the mobile industry before, and I for one am stoked that they are finally stepping up to the plate. We can't let apple rule the phone kingdom.


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It's news like this that make me regret buying an iPhone. I would MUCH rather give my money to Microsoft than to the facist hands of Steve Jobs. At least I bought mine refurbed through a third party, so I didn't mess with AT&T or Apple. It makes me think I stuck it to them and helps me sleep at night.
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