Microsoft is in better shape than most people think, says Bernstein report

Shawn Knight

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Microsoft is in far better shape as a whole than most people perceive. A 44-page report from Bernstein Research takes an in-depth look at the company’s financial situation and outlines…

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I hate to be the *******, but I don't think there was ever any doubt...

The way I see it, these "people" that supposedly think otherwise, are nothing but fabrications companies like Bernstein Research use as an excuse to find something to "disagree" with. (That is not to say their research is false, or lacking; just that what they reported is, you know, sort of widely known.)


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The world runs on IBM/Microsoft Server based solutions.
Not good with computers? Get an Apple.


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World runs on MS servers? I'm assuming you most be talking about corporate servers or something.
Since most web sites are running on Linux servers.
last time I checked Microsoft?s made up a little over 15%, and pretty much all of the worlds super computers are some form of Linux.

From were I stand it seems more like Gnu/Linux/BSD/* Runs the world.


Linux, GNU and BSD are all open-source operating systems. It's no surprise consumers and enterprises alike use these OSes, they allow users to customize them however they want without a hungry giant like M$ breathing down their necks.