Microsoft licensed Apple tablet patents, Samsung refused

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Aug 14, 2012
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  1. According to the latest from Apple's testimony in the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Samsung, Microsoft struck a deal with Apple permitting the software-maker to utilize Cupertino's tablet design patents.

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  2. Camikazi

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    I have a feeling these will be covered in the cross licensing and MS won't pay anything or a small amount for them. That little agreement they made seems to be helping MS quite a bit now, maybe they can see the future.
  3. Lawyers claim....

    ...more twisted truth to suit an end ?

    Here's a thought. If Samsung lose and it increases their costs, can they add it to the cost of the chips they sell to Apple ?
  4. princeton

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    Then Apple will just go to TSMC. In what world is making your biggest customer angry a good idea in any scenario?

    On topic. Samsung's defense seems to be to try and prove that Apple's patents are invalidated by prior art/usage rather than to try and prove no wrongdoing. The issue is that they tried to claim Apple stole the idea behind their multi touch gestures from Mitsubishi and Apple showed how a company called Fingerworks that they now own came up with it four years prior to Mitsubishi, on top of Mitsubishi's patent not being in the same category as Apple's. If Samsung can't prove the patents are invalid it puts them in a bad position because it looks like they didn't feel they could be successful trying to prove they didn't copy in the first place.
  5. patents scrap them absolute waste of progression as someone has stated before the only thing that should be able to be owned is brand names and may the best product win, if half as much effort went into products then they wouldn't even have to resort to these low desperate greedy methods and they might just come up with something that will better the other product.

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