Microsoft Office/Word 2000 replacement...


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I need a freeware replacement for MS Word 2000. Here's what I am looking for...

  1. 64-bit Windows 10 compatible.
  2. The program has to look (UI) and work exactly like Word 2000.
  3. Freeware.

If you know of one, please post a program link and/or a screenshot of the program.

Thank you for all your suggestions.


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I don't know about the 'works exactly' part, but there is Office Libre and Open Office. If you have a Google account there is a 3rd option> they offer 'Google Docs' and I know they are gunning for Microsoft Word but they focus on collaboration with their Docs program. I often recommend the latter because of the collaboration feature.


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Thanks guys for the suggestions. I appreciate the help.

It looks like OpenOffice Writer is the closest to what I'm looking for...

OpenOffice writer...

The UI seem very similar to MS Word 2000....