Microsoft pulls the plug on buggy security update

Shawn Knight

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Microsoft has pulled the plug on a buggy security update released as part of Patch Tuesday earlier this week. The issue first came to light a couple of days ago when some PCs in Brazil were rendered unbootable after installing...

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Lol the only fix microsoft has is popping your windows disk in and doing a repair install. I was wondering how else they expected to fix an unbootable pc. the update itself may have not affected a users personal settings but doing a repair install will lol so we may as well say the update is the cause.


I believe they are only recommending that this not be installed on Win 7 32 bit versions. The update is still out there for 64 bit versions.


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On checking out my update history, seems I have it installed. Running a 64bit Win 7, no problems since installing it - installed it on the 11th of April, 2013 and not living in Brazil (Dubai, U.A.E). Think I will uninstall it though as who knows, I might download the conflicting third party software and regret it later.

Edit- Just remembered haven't restarted or shutdown the PC for the past 5 days. Ignoring the prompt to restart after the update as was working on a senior architecture project. I have uninstalled the update now but saved by 3ds Max, will never know :D

General Sam

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I think I had this same error.

Been using Windows 8 the past couple of weeks and suddenly got hit with a firestorm of bugs forcing me to reinstall my "Upgrade" copy of the Operating System.

After the third time, my hard-drive just had enough and forced me to format the entire thing (including my partitions, damn!!).

Back on Windows 7 now with no problems at all. My advice, if your rocking an older rig with W8, don't update it!! Could be my just unfortunate choice of parts though.