Microsoft told to turn over emails stored in Ireland to US law enforcement

  1. US officials can force Microsoft to hand over a customer's email stored in an Ireland data center, a federal judge said yesterday. In her ruling, US District Judge Loretta A. Preska said she agreed with the findings of the magistrate...

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  2. How much is US technology companies willing to take before they are forced for its existence to move all their businesses out of the US?
  3. So, a U.S, judge can arbitrarily decide she has jurisdiction over documents stored in a foreign land. Who cares if they're digital or physical. What kind of ****ery is this. Who the hell does she think she is? So let's see, a Russian judge decides that Russia can have to.. let's see.. the NSA's files. Don't think so. Or maybe a bit closer to home, an NSA covert employee decides to expose the illegal systematic collection of personal and private data by it's Government - let's hang him. What is wrong with America is simply it's jaundiced paranoia that everyone is it's enemy - I wonder why that might be?
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