Microsoft tweaks browser ballot as antitrust deal nears

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In response to ongoing complaints from rival browser makers, including Opera and Google, Microsoft has made yet another round of changes to the proposed ballot screen for European editions of Windows 7. Specifically rather than presenting browsers in alphabetical order when users first try to surf the web, which would have placed Apple's Safari as the first option, the software maker has agreed to randomize this list.

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When I first started paying attention to all this I was like 'WOOT! someone sticking it to M$!!!!'. But that didn't last long. As time went by and I read more and more articles on what EU does, I realized none of it comes down to making things better for the average user. They seem to just make everything more difficult - for the sake of making things more difficult.


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"Besides putting an end to rival complaints, which were already getting ridiculous..."

The whole situation IS 'ridiculous'.


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I don't think it makes sense, the average user doesn't know any other browser that Internet Explorer, or at least the icon, so when they are asked to choose one, they will click on it, on the other hand, advanced users with more knowledge about users will download their favourite even if it is not included in the OS. But anyway it is always funny to piss Microsoft off haha


Anyone have a link to tell the EU just how silly they really are?


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Why is MS OS getting hit so hard about this, it is Windows OS and IE is there browser they should be allowed to give it priority over others. Having Apple's broswer (a rival company) OS there is unfair at all. I didn't hear about others having to do this either.


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I think all this fuss is not necessary. Low-end users only heard and saw of Internet Explorer. They even doesn't know what a browser is. This would certainly blow minds away. And even the ballot screen on Windows Update. I already downloaded Chrome and Firefox, this ballot screen is useless on OS already running. On installation of new OS it is acceptable, although quite ridiculous.


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I agree that this is ridiculous. If MS is being forced to do this, where is the stink about Apple having to provide a ballot system as well? What about the Iphone/Ipod Touch? Isn't that much more monopolistic (if that is a word)?


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EU Meeting Notes: How can we make money? Um, make something of our own? No, no! Let's see, Microsoft has lots of money and they are a #()$*) U.S. company. How about we jerk them around some more, we can make up all kinds of fines. How are we going to do that? We'll blame the users, we'll say that are not smart enough to download and install Firefox, Chrome, Opera or Safari on there own. Yeah, I bet the MS boys will have a fit and won't do it, then we'll fine them. Sounds like a plan, let's get them.


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It's unfortunate that Microsoft has to play by different rules than their competitors because of their monopoly position. It might be good for the software industry in the long run, but it makes the customer experience *worse*. This is what prevents MS from including things like anti-virus, pdf support, mail, movie maker, etc out of the box. I think the average consumer would prefer to have all the essentials ready to go on first boot without having to make additional choices/downloads/installs.

Now that the EU has given MS and Intel the beat down, maybe they can hurry up with the Oracle-SUN merger while there's still something left of SUN.


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So sad that The U.S. will be this way in a year or so. This isn't choice, its forced choice.


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I don't get it - what's the point of these browser wars? Do they make more money from getting more users or is it just for bragging rights? Also surely Apple should get screwed in the same way with their OS and browser. In fact Apple are the worst when letting users decide what programs they want to use.
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