Microsoft warns against Windows XP security update registry hack

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May 27, 2014
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  1. Microsoft officially pulled support for Windows XP last month but a new registry hack allows users to continue to receive updates for the dated operating system. It essentially tricks the updater into installing patches intended for a similar operating system.

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  2. H3llion

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    I bet M$ released this to push other OS sales! xD
  3. At least Microsoft gave the consumer more than 9 months to use XP without feeling they need to upgrade to the new version, unlike some evil manipulative companies who created a false and rapid upgrade cycle - cough iphone cough - and enough landfill to kill half of india.
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  4. fredderf81

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    I understand if many businesses do not want or need to upgrade to windows 8...thats fine. I have and enjoy it. however, there should be NO reason ANYONE should still be running windows XP...its 2014...get with it. windows 7 is a quick, cheap and easy upgrade install. if you have software that ONLY supports XP then you are an ***** for agreeing to use it. find something new.

    if you are dumb enough to still be using this software that is so old every hacker on the planet has been sniffing around it then you get exactly what you deserve.

    im sure many will flood me with crap for this but as usual on all my posts I don't watch the topic, receive email or care. =)
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  5. bobee

    bobee TS Rookie

    Easy said than done. LOL
  6. Seventh Reign

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  7. So,What is new??? XP is 14 years old and has had holes in it for 14 years 11
  8. I love how so many comments are the same thing

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