Microsoft will shut down its Mixer streaming platform on July 22


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Though, as mentioned before, service shutdowns are nothing new in this industry, this news will likely still come as a shock to many.

Mixer has obviously never been as popular as streaming giants like Twitch, but after securing exclusive streaming contracts with a few high-profile streamers -- such as Ninja or Shroud -- it seemed like Microsoft was going all-in on the platform's success.

Nonetheless, the company is giving up on the service now. It has explained its reasoning as follows:

It became clear that the time needed to grow our own livestreaming community to scale was out of measure with the vision and experiences that Microsoft and Xbox want to deliver for gamers now, so we’ve decided to close the operations side of Mixer and help the community transition to a new platform.

That new platform will be Facebook Gaming, according to Microsoft. The company has outlined a detailed transition plan for all existing Mixer streamers who are willing and able to make the switch, which you can view here.

For example, Mixer Partners will automatically be granted partner status with Facebook Gaming, and monetized streams will be eligible for the "Facebook Gaming Level Up Program," which will offer similar monetization opportunities.

Obviously, those who signed exclusive streaming contracts with Microsoft will no longer be restricted by them moving forward. Streamers like Ninja are free to go back to Twitch or move on to something else -- it's entirely up to them.

Mixer's shutdown will go into effect on July 22, so streamers only have about a month to switch to Facebook Gaming or an alternative platform (such as Twitch).

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This isnt because of Twitch or any other platform. I think they realized this isnt what they had planned and took a hard look at it and said, this isnt the vision they wanted.
Theres plenty of streamers who dont like Twitch cause they either cant grow, stupid rules or other bs.

We will see if this helps or hurts Twitch.


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Yet another service whose existence I only know about because I read this article about it closing. I wonder if part of the problem with these is lack of proper marketing or if I just hang out in the wrong places.


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Honestly Mixer kills it on the UI and features, Twitch looks dated, Shame really to see mixer not in it for the long run
Too much money dumped into bringing streamers over and doing exclusive content. If they saved that money and not paid the "top-tier" streamers, they would have probably lasted longer.


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Nooo... I don't have (and don't want) facebook.
What will happen to my two followers. :-(

It's true, I got 2. And I don't know who they are.
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Throwing in the towel seems like a consistent issue with Microsoft.

Zune was a brilliant portable music player, got killed.

Windows phone had the most responsive UI at the time, keeping it as a feature phone was too much.

Windows media centre, wasn't bad.

Kinect, an improved version of EyeToy with potential for VR usage but apparently not popular enough.

Windows server, wasn't good enough either.

Kin phone despite having a nice keyboard, got aborted.

Band got disbanded.

Windows 10 mobile, could have succeeded.