Microsoft wireless desktop 5000

By Cyber
Dec 10, 2006
  1. Hi sup guys...

    I recently bought a microsoft wireless desktop 5000... it commes with a mouse and a keyboard... it has some kind of problum... when playing games with the WSAD movement controls, the forward movement (W command) or the up arrow key will just stop and W key or the up arrow key must be re-depressed to continue movement. This is NOT a RAM "catch-up" as all other aspects of the game continue (and does not occur when using notebook keyboard). I am using a Inspirion 6400... Intel Core Duo 2050... 2gb ram and intel media accelerator 950. I have now idea what to... and i dont want to use my notebook keyboard for gamming...

    have any of u had this problum b4... Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks In advance
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