Microsoft's OneCare takes last place ...

By jobeard
Mar 2, 2007
  1. Microsoft's OneCare takes last place in anti-virus evaluation!

    March 01, 2007 (Computerworld) -- Microsoft's Windows Live OneCare came
    in dead last out of a group of 17 anti-virus programs tested against hundreds
    of thousands of worms, viruses, Trojan horses and other malware, an Austrian
    anti-virus researcher reported yesterday.

    The AV Comparatives Web site, which is maintained by Andreas Cleminti from
    Innsbruck, Austria, posts quarterly results of tests that pit the top anti-virus
    products against a dynamic list of nearly half a million individual pieces of

    Cleminti's report is available online (download PDF).

    the complete article is found here
  2. halo71

    halo71 TS Rookie Posts: 1,090

    That's not really surprising is it? :)
  3. kitty500cat

    kitty500cat TS Evangelist Posts: 2,154   +6

    I had never heard of AVK, but that looks like an awesome program. How come Norton kept scoring so high??
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