Microsoft's vision of the 'smart home' from 1999 was stunningly accurate

Shawn Knight

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Back in 1999, Microsoft released a promotional video detailing its vision of a futuristic "smart home." Clips from the past like these are usually good for some laughs as the predictions presented typically prove to be way off the mark...

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And that was 15 years ago. My house hasn't changed much in that time and I don't think it'll be changing all that much in the next 15 other than the odd lick of paint here and there. I'm quite happy with the way things are.


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Amazing how Microsoft had all of the ideas and didn't push any of this to consumers. Microsoft Research is the most innovative waste of money ever.


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The problem was that they couldn't get the basic TCP/IP protocol good working on Win98.
So simple communication between devices always dropped. :)


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