Minecraft Dungeons gets May 26 launch date

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First announced at Minecon 2018, the dungeon crawler pits up to four players in a battle to defeat a relentless swarm of mobs and the evil Arch-Illager using an array of weapons, artifacts and enchantments in procedurally generated environments.

The game was originally slated to land in April but due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak, Mojang said that release window was no longer possible as they wanted to guarantee the health and safety of their team and empower them to deliver the best possible experience to gamers.

Minecraft Dungeons will be offered in two versions – a $19.99 standard edition and a $29.99 hero edition that includes, among other things, two upcoming DLC packs. Initially, it’ll only support play on the same platform although Mojang said cross-platform support would come via a free update sometime after launch.

Interested parties can go ahead and pre-order now on your platform of choice. If you’re on Xbox Game Pass, you’ll be able to pre-install the game on console or PC starting today.

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Minecraft has earned much more than 4billion you can be sure of that, it's the new LEGO for children born in the last 14 years
I played Minecraft when it was still in Beta back in 2010/2011 and it was more enjoyable then imo. Minecraft when it became mainstream lost a lot of it's charm for me.