Minecraft's Java and Bedrock Editions will soon be bundled on Game Pass for PC


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In brief: Minecraft is one of the most popular and accessible games in the world. It's available on virtually every platform you can think of, from mobile devices to PCs and consoles, and it comes in two distinct flavors: Bedrock Edition and Java Edition. Soon, both Editions will be available in one cohesive package.

Java Edition is geared more toward hardcore players who want to tweak and mod their experience to their liking, with the same, classic UI the game has offered for a decade.

The Bedrock Edition, on the other hand, is aimed at the average user. It offers paid skins, worlds, and even ray-tracing -- you can get similar content in Minecraft's Java edition, but it usually requires some extra effort from the user. Bedrock Edition also features full cross-play between platforms, making it more attractive for those with friends that play on a console or a mobile device.

Due to their different audiences, there's always been a rift between Bedrock and Java Editions of Minecraft. However, come November 2, that will change, to an extent. On that day, both versions will finally come to Game Pass for PC, unified under the "Minecraft PC Bundle" moniker.

This is pretty big news for Minecraft fans. Until now, despite Microsoft owning both Game Pass and the block-based building title, the latter has been curiously absent from the former. Changing that was a no-brainer, but Microsoft went above and beyond by offering both versions of the game in one cohesive package.

Both titles will be accessible through a new, unified Minecraft Launcher, which will let you swap between them at will.

Microsoft's official announcement post also references cross-play, which would seem to imply that Java and Bedrock Edition players will finally be able to play together. However, the wording is vague enough that we can't say for certain -- we'll reach out to the Minecraft team for confirmation.

If you don't already have a Game Pass subscription, it's worth checking out. You'll often find brand-new PC titles there on day one, and Microsoft tends to run lengthy free trial promos for new users (I've collectively bagged about six months of free subscription time).

Existing Game Pass customers can begin pre-loading Minecraft through the platform right now.

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I’m genuinely surprised that MS have added Java to game pass. They do a lot of subtle changes to try and encourage users away from Java to bedrock. For example you get better enchants on bedrock and finding a trident is very easy on bedrock but it’s very difficult on Java. MS added ray tracing to bedrock and did nothing for Java, leaving it to the modding community. You don’t even get controller support on Java edition.

Personally until bedrock has reliable redstone and similar mob spawning mechanics I won’t touch bedrock. Cross play is a wonderful thing but currently it’s only available on MS servers known as “realms”. These are dreadful, with slow speeds and poor draw distances, they are good for kids but not for serious crafters.


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Microsoft has enough money to rewrite Java servers use more than one core, making them more scalable with player count, but they are lazy and only focus on Bedrock because microtransactions make them so much money.


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I have a bad feeling MS will one day "merge" Java into Bedrock, to capitalize on that sweet greed..I mean sweet DLC skin money.


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People keep saying that "java edition best edition" like ya ther are some things I wish bedrock had like baners on shilds but like I cant afford a computer so I have bedrock and it always makes me feel less then when people say bedrock sucks like I wish I had java I just cant afford it