Missing Hard drive Memory

By pogo064
Dec 27, 2008
  1. I'm in the process of fixing a horribly infected computer, so the most logical thing to do is to reformat, but the problem is after the reformatation, i found that the other partitions were infected, and to make matters worse they re-infected (to my surprise) the partition i JUST formatted (virus scan of the reformatted partition showed approx 60 virues, bugs, trojans)

    so the genius in me thought that i could just delete those partitions and re-allocate them into the c drive, and then reformat again...
    when i tried that the d:/e: (2 other probably infected partitions) did NOT became unallocated space, instead, they just disappeared!
    so when i look at the windows setup reformation screen, it only recognizes my C: drive to be active, even when i use various other programs to look for the other partitions, they exist, and can be restored, but only to replace the C: and will not recognize the full hard drive memory of 80 gigs.

    Currently my computer stands at this status:
    C: 40 gigs Recognized, allocated, windows xp installed, cleaned of viruses (because d/e are missing)
    D: 30 gigs missing, ?, windows xp installed (inactive,used to originally take out important files after the initial virus issue, c drive did not have enough memory to carry another copy of Windows XP), probally still virus
    e: 10 gigs missing, ?, just memory, probally still viruses

    Of the 80 gig hard drive, only 40 recognized

    So my problems is, i'm missing 40 gigs, it should have been unallocated space when i deleted the D:/E: drives but they're not there, how can i restore the D:/E: Drive, or re-partition them into c:?

    I will write in the stats of the computer later but generally it's an old computer, approx 6-8 years old, don't remember
  2. gavinseabrook

    gavinseabrook TS Rookie Posts: 320

    If all else fails, reformat with Fdisk. Check your disk manager (start>control panel>administrative tools>computermanagement>disk Management), and do a print screen.
  3. kimsland

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    Fdisk is very old and you can remove partitions from just using the Windows Setup CD

    Boot from the Windows Xp Setup CD
    Allow all the initial loading of Windows files
    Once you get to the area of selecting which partition to setup Windows on, select to remove all the partitions (one at a time) It will have letters such as L and use Enter so forth.

    Once all partitions are fully removed
    Then just continue the Windows Setup from CD
    Note: you do not need to manually create a partition or format the drive, as Windows Setup will do this automatically on a non-partitioned harddrive.
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