Missing name/manufacturer and driver for a webcam

By napalmdeath236
Aug 23, 2009
  1. I am looking for a driver for a webcam i got for christmas a few years back i just found it and i cant seem to find any information or drivers for it maybe someone on here knows its a camera shaped like a dragon it looks like its made of some kind of hard ceramic the dragon is wrapped around the actual "camera" part of the device i found a picture that looks a lot like it but mine stands taller and its blue the eyes of the dragon glow red i do remember when the camera is on the only other information i can find on it is on the bottom it has a sticker stuck to it it reads "AP-79166 NWB Dragon PC Camera" and the barcode but of course i cannot find any manufacturers with the name or initials of NWB nor can i find any information on the model number listed above

    it wont let me put the link to the picture on the post so....

    please if anyone can help me it would be appreciated

    thanks :)
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  3. Rayormy

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    icatch vi pc camera is what my OS says it is, I'm looking or a Vista driver because my camera won't work with it. :( I researched it and think it is made by Sunplus but can't be sure. Hope this helps.
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