Missing partition [too small??]

By Ahmad
Jul 27, 2005
  1. I have a 200gb partitioned into 3 partitions.

    C: 15gb
    E: 59,718mb

    I originally wanted only 2 partitions, but D: and E: would not join together for some reason. So booting from the WinXP cd, I removed the E: partition in hope to combine the two. Once I removed the 58gb E: partition, it did not go into "unpartitioned space" but rather disappeared completely.

    Now I can't find that space anymore, not by booting with the WinXP cd, nor by entering Disk Management within Windows.

    So I deleted all partitions and combined them, still missing that 3rd one.

    Partition Magic Screen:


    Test Disk Screen:


    Any help much appreciated!!
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