MMO Gaming Mice Compared: Razer Naga vs. Cyborg M.M.O. 7 vs. Logitech G600

By Julio Franco ยท 18 replies
Aug 13, 2012
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  1. Logitech makes some nice keyboards and mice but their software is terrible. I have had so many issues with setpoint (their driver for mice) and their keyboard drivers. I own a G15 and G5 v2 I love the g5 it has lasted me a long time and feels very well built. However when it comes down to it drivers are what makes the mouse work if they suck then the mouse sucks.

    I would avoid Logitech because of their horrible drivers and they rarely release updates. Hell one of the issues me and lots of other people have isn't fixed yet. Its only been FIVE YEARS no big deal I am sure they will fix it in the next patch in 2014. The issue is to do with modifier keys staying on when you have them set to keybinds. e.g press mouse button set to ctrl+w start typing a bunch of menus open up because you just pressed the key to open a help menu, search menu etc.

    tl;dr Logitech drivers suck don't bother with it, I don't know how good Razer or other brands drivers are but they can't be worse then Logitech.
  2. amstech

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    You would have to be a fool to pay $80 for a Logitech mouse. Sorry just my 02. The Cyborg is actually built well but that mouse is obviously built for more then your average enthusiast, but I do commend a company for trying something new.
    Razer products can be fragile but overall actually perform very well, look and feel good, with suprisingly good craftsmanship and reliabilty if taken care of.
    My Deathadder is going on year 4 or 5 and its still a great mouse, and I was very happy with my original Naga.
  3. Vrmithrax

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    @Guest - I agree that Setpoint has some issues. I've taken to just using default drivers for mice rather than loading that stuff up. However, the G600 uses a different driver system, not the problem-ridden Setpoint software. From what I can make out, it's a different group working on these drivers, and adding/tweaking features for updates constantly on the gaming equipment. Actually have a friend who picked up the G600 to replace his flaky Naga, and he's extremely happy with the stability and responsiveness of the unit.

    So, I wouldn't count the Logitech out completely based just on drivers. Whether it stays this way is a good question. But hey, when the Naga first came out, you didn't even have an option to custom map the buttons (until a driver revision finally came through), so it's not like driver issues and quality problems are a new topic with MMO mice.
  4. ReederOnTheRun

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    I actually returned my deathadder for a cyborg rat 7 and loved it. I don't know about their other mice, but the deathadder was way too big for my hand. I like the feel for cyborg mice, but from their button layout I think the cyborg mice are more tuned for fps games.
  5. Prosercunus

    Prosercunus TS Booster Posts: 168   +41

    G9x is the mouse I switched to after many many years with a simple Microsoft 3000 optical mouse.

    I don't claim it as the best mouse, the fastest, etc. All I know is that it fits comfortably in my hand and that is 90% of what I look for in any mouse I buy. I have tried two of the mice in this article and I simply couldn't take the grips on them, simple as that. I am sure they are amazing otherwise.
  6. DKRON

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    Still never gonna use it unless its wireless, hate getting wires in the way and I can sit 10m back on the couch with ease and haven't changed the batteries in 6 months with the useful "off switch"
  7. Prosercunus

    Prosercunus TS Booster Posts: 168   +41

    I can see liking wireless, but I use my mouse and computer in general way too much to be annoyed be changing batteries. I do have a separate small wireless laptop mouse I use for when I am sitting back and watching movies and the such.
  8. DKRON

    DKRON TS Guru Posts: 569   +25

    but thats the point, the new generation wireless mice use hardly any power and you also turn them off when your not using them so you just buy a pack of $10 AA's and it'll last you years
  9. TS-56336

    TS-56336 TS Addict Posts: 609   +109

    For me, the Cyborg M.M.O 7 is preferable than the Tt eSports Level 10 mouse which is not in this roundup. I don't want my mouse to be like my filthy chassis which is a Thermaltake as well.
  10. Last you years, you say? Like the current generation wireless mouse that is the Logitech G700, with its 10 hours of battery life?

    You may be right for MS office-type wireless mousing, I have an M705 with a claimed 3 year battery life, but when it comes to gaming performance, wireless technology simply isn't there yet.
  11. MilwaukeeMike

    MilwaukeeMike TS Evangelist Posts: 2,891   +1,224

    Yes, but if you prefer a mouse that weighs less than two AA's you're outa luck (maybe the new ones use 1 battery.. I don't know). One thing I like about my Logitech G500 is the weight tray. I don't take all the weight out, but it weighs less than my wireless mouse did.
  12. I'm not surprised Logitech won out. I have their original G15 keyboard (yes, blue lighitng and 18 Macro keys with 3 sets for a total of 72 macro keys) It was so nice I actually bought 2 of them. Why 2? Well, at the time, I learned Logitech cancelled the G15 and slimmed down the macro keys and made it orange. I was not a fan of that design so I quickly dug until I found another, proper, G15. I haven't broken it out of the box yet though as my first one is still working fine after 7 years.

    I have been running the G5 for years as well (mine is the original electric blue design) and just recently upgraded to the G600. My wife is running the Razer Naga on her system and I felt it was just too small for my hands.The third button was a bit weird, but I have gotten used to it. The side buttons feel bigger and much easier to differentiate between rows as opposed to the Naga. I can even adjust the DPI settings on the fly (though I still use my G5 for my FPS games and the G600 for the MMO games) it is much nicer to use than the Naga.

    Any rate, for those whining about the software, I haven't had a single issue with it. Please explain, in details, what those little issues are that you are having. I have found it ridiculously easy to program my keys with their software. Just point and click, tap a key if you have to and it's done. I'm happy Logitech also consolidates the software into one easy interface with a drop down with pictures to select the item you need to program.

    The only item I have that is not Logitech as far as gaming peripherals are concerned, is the Razer Nostromo. I found this to be much more comfortable than the Logitech G13.
  13. DKRON

    DKRON TS Guru Posts: 569   +25

    I'm currently using the HP Slim line (top model) wireless mouse and its actually very light, I end up changing the keyboard batteries before the mouse
  14. Nettle

    Nettle TS Rookie

    A slightly different perspective: I am a female gamer with small hands who likes MMOs and also, recently, Borderlands2 fps. Over the past few years, have tried a different peripherals...with dissapointing results. Most mice just need me to stretch my fingers too far. I have had a Razer Naga mouse for about a year now and it has been great in terms of size and comfort of the case molding for a smaller hand. However, of the 12 thumb buttons, I can only reach the first row of 3 comfortably. Not great for wee girly hands which is a shame as its ace for general usage otherwise. Unfortunately it is a waste of money for me if I am not suited for its main feature.

    I have just bought a cyborg mmo 7 and am happy with the adjustable nature of the casing. I still have some experimenting but so far so good...everything is set to the smallest settings and the weights are out....great. I can also reach more buttons with my thumb. The pinky finger is also just about reachable. So far, I think I prefer it. It may have fewer buttons than the Naga but I can reach more of them.: got to be a winner for the smaller hand.....downside is, my boyfriend has tried it and now wants a Rat 7 for Christmas :-(
  15. I don't know anymore how Logitech drivers behave (since all their mice broke at one point or my last one just stopped answering a few days after the warranty ended... !?)

    But if you're on a Macintosh system, the razer drivers are one of the most terrible thing I've seen for a while. And it gets worst every update. (They almost had it right 8 months ago but they chose to fix it)

    I'm gonna see the Cyborg RAT soon and hope this one works.
  16. Lol this reveiw is bs there is no pokey bits on the mmo7 and the g600 has 18 buttons on it with 15 being programmable so this is false info also razers have tendency to breakdown. the naga is really elevated and I dont like my hand to feel like it just climbed mount everest so that rules the naga out. the g600 is a nice mouse but has problems and is very difficult to program I would know had one. then threre is no thumb rest and the pinkie rest is awkward. the driver software is not the best on logitech. overall the naga will be an ok mouse well it lasts. the g600 is good once u get to know the software and the mmo 7 is my favourite feeling really comfortable,working fine and non confusing software.
    1. m.m.o 7 2. g600 3. naga
  17. How on earth did Razer win as far as software is concerned? To the reviewer, you did actually *USE* said software right?

    1. multi-button / modified keypresses? logitech: press the two keys, done. Razer? record a tedious macro, account for delay, pray it works (it usually won't.)
    2.UX: black on black, pretty hard to read. God help you if there's any glare or overhead lighting.
    3. Profiles, Encrypted proprietary format (this was more of rant pre-synapse, but hey, I'm still irritated.)
    4. Scripting: logitech (not sure about the transformer mouse) allows you to write custom scripts in
    5. macro names are not sorted in *ANY* sort of order (no pun intended). If you made the mistake of buying a naga, keyboard, and a nostromo -- or have plenty of macros, whoops. sort order: RANDOM! :)
    6. Synapse: when it works, it's ok, but again, relying on this is more an act of faith than anything. It frequently fails to push profile changes to devices, annoying has to 'sync' settings ON each and every reboot, and is a memory hog to boot.
    I've had my naga epic for a bit over a year now, the hardware (aside from a dog-mangled cable, which curiously isn't offered as a replacement part on their site -- and flaky at best wireless..) is solid, but the software was just atrocious. So much so I replaced the naga with the g600.
  18. hollowman

    hollowman TS Rookie

    Programming the buttons for the MMO 7 in wow is dead simple open the addon and drag te spell you want to use in the addon and the button is programmed.
    either you didnt test the full potential of these mice or you didnt know how to work with them.

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