Mobo for Core 2 Duo E7500


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Hello, I need a list of mobo that is compatible with my said processor.

and I ask if where can I buy it on Las Vegas, Thank you so much.


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  1. Newegg
  2. TigerDirect
  3. Amazon
  4. eBay
I can't give you a list. It would be easier to simply look up the specs on the motherboard you are interested in. This day and age, the list is rather limited. If your OS is an OEM copy of Windows, you could be de-activating your copy with a different motherboard. If you possibly can, it is best to get the exact same motherboard.

As for shopping locally in Las Vegas, it might be better to ask someone locally. Members here are located all around the globe, and may not know anything about Las Vegas.


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Lots of lights in vegas.,girls,gambling,and the list goes on,don't go with good intentions,and don't bring the your oem is registered with ms you may have a problem, otherwise you should be able to activate a new install over the phone,as I have on a number of for a board ,you should be able to find one locally somewhere,if you were in eastern Canada ,I know where you can buy several,right here in my hands,brand new,1/an evga 780i sli FTW..still in the plastic wrap,cheaper yet ,2/ Asus p5n sli also new in the box,3/a Gigabyte EP45-DS3R Crossfire capable,also new.I have an E7200 in one of these, I bought a few ,just for such occasions ,but for local, vegas is a long ways from Newfoundland..and Is time to upgrade anyway, I just retired my 790i ultra ,qx9770,now a backup rig.,for a 3930 k and rampage 4 extreme..send a courier and a hundred bucks and hell show up at your place with a board..