Modding a case with LEDs and lights to respond to audio output

By HeadFonez
Feb 20, 2010
  1. Is there a way to mod a case with LEDs and lights to like follow along with the music? I think that would be cool, I know you would need to program or install software, but is there some LEDs and lights someone could recommend or give a guide that tells what to do and stuff.
  2. Alster37

    Alster37 TS Maniac Posts: 290

    a good place to start would be to search for a perticular kit which is capable of doing that or get hold of a kit which has software able to turn the lights on and off at a button press. Most likely outcome is you or someone else will have to write a program to control them in such a way.

    It would be fairly cool to ;)
  3. atotalnoob

    atotalnoob TS Rookie

    yeah, you would probably have to basically make a mini-electronic switch board to control something like that.
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