MOM.exe - Bad Image error at start-up

By Tait
Apr 20, 2011
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  1. Hi,

    I was hoping someone might be able to help me out with an error that started today when I turned my computer on. Basically, as soon as I log in to windows an error window pops up saying MOM.exe - Bad Image. Here is a picture of the error message:


    I have no idea what this means even after searching for the problem and have no idea what caused it. I don't know if its related but desktop window manager is also no longer working, the errors appeared at the same time. I have tried system restore to fix the problem but it hasn't helped. I would be very grateful if anyone could offer me any help or guidance with this problem as I have no idea what to do. I'm currently running Windows 7 professional 64 bit version.
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  3. Tait

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    Thanks for the response. I spent the whole day trying to fix this issue (about 6/7 hours of which 3 was spent talking with a useless Microsoft support rep who seemed to know less than me) to no avail. There was no virus found when I scanned and nothing seemed to do the trick and it turned out this file wasn't the only 'bad image'. It looked like I had a lot of issues with my registry and missing values (I have no idea how that happened) so in the end I just backed up my data and went with a reinstall or Windows which seems to have done the trick. I thought it might come down to that but was reluctant to do it because of how long it would take me to reinstall everything but it turns out that would've been quicker if I'd just done it when I felt I should. Thank you very much for your help all the same just thought I'd explain how I fixed it in case anybody else had the same problem.

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    Did you use a registry cleaner?

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