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Monitor goes black out of ideas

By Zelis
Apr 26, 2014
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  1. So I just finished a new build and am having a strange issue with my monitor and am at a loss. The monitor will randomly just go black, power stays on pc is still running fine, its done it mid game as well as just sitting idle. I have disabled sleep modes. The new build is a a10 7850k and a asus a88x - plus mobo, radeon r9 gamer series ram 2133 MHz, WD black 500 gig hd raidmax 630 watt PSU. Now if I hook monitor up to my old video card (radeon hd 4870) I have no issues, but when I plug it into the motherboards VGA I have problems. Now here is whats giving me problems. I have hooked my wifes monitor into my new computer her monitor works fine with the onboard vga and my monitor works fine on her pc. Also if I plug my tv into onboard hdmi I have no issues. I would test dvi but I don't have a converter. I do have updated bios and drivers and am running windows 8.1. Things I have tried so far.. reinstalled windows and all drivers. swapped monitors, tried separate gpu, adjusted refresh rate. tried hdmi (my tv instead of monitor) instead of vga. so far the only issue I can come up with is maybe my monitor is just not compatible for some reason. Monitor and a AOC 931swl btw ( which from what ive managed to find about it there shouldn't be any compatability issues)
  2. Lance Stewart

    Lance Stewart TS Rookie

    Did you ever figure this issue out? I'm having the exact same symptoms with my beautiful Dell 27" LED screen, but unfortunately, I'm starting to believe it's the monitor, which is just over the one year warranty. The sad part is, I was having this problem for over six months now, and had switched to the VGA cable to avoid the issue when it first started happening, but finally tried to troubleshoot it now, and I'm discovering that it may be a hardware issue and if I would have done something when it started, it was still under warranty. :(

    Anyway, the only thing I haven't ruled out yet is the DVI cable, as that is still a possibility, however it seems unlikely that a DVI cable would go bad by itself after a few months of use. And looking at the cable, I see no signs of damage or broken/bent pins.
  3. globalgcs1

    globalgcs1 Banned

    On your monitor there is an AUTO adjuster button try that after connecting it to the machine, it has to be able to tell you something about the resolution of the machine in contrast to the monitor resolution level.

    Sometimes we omit the smallest things and commit to too much technicality, it happens. If it still does not work please say, then we will see what to do next. I am still trying to diagnose the problem this side, I have all the machine specs you mentioned here and will try and build it in just about an hour then try the same monitor, if it so happens that you do not get back to me before I finish I will post the remedy.


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