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Mar 11, 2011
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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to posting on this forum but over the years it has proven very useful in helping me. So I'm really hoping someone here has a answer to my problem :)

    Ok basically what's happen is my optima computer turns on, optical mouse lights up, keyboard lighs however don't light up and the monitor stays in standbye mode and says breifly "no signal". So basically you can not use the computer at all. However if I pull the blue monitor cable out the message on the monitor changes to no cable connected so it's oviously connected fine.

    What I have tried:
    Ok so first I tried unplugging the monitor and setting it up on another computer and it worked fine, so ruled out that problem. So I then took the monitor back to the computer that's got problems and tried the monitor cables off the other computer the monitor just tested fine on thinking maybe it was a fault with cables. However this didn't work. So I then left the computer for a few days. Then I tried hooking up a new mouse thinking that maybe the mouse isn't functioning and in turn isn't taking the monitor off stanby mode so it can resume to windows. I thought this because the broken computer is actually running, all lights are on, fans working it's just as if computer from startup is in stanby according to the monitor "if that makes sense". This at first worked, however once the computer loaded to windows it froze on the startup screen. I then had to reset the computer using the main power "as Ctrl, Alt, Del wouldn't work" and on restart we were back to scratch no signal showing again.

    So again left the computer sit for a week. Unplugged the computer tower today took it down stairs blew out all dust inside it thinking that might be the issue. Then instead of hooking it back up in my sons room were it usually resides, I instead unhooked my main computer and plugged my sons broken one in so it was hooked up to totally different leads and monitor. Amazing enough it worked first go, restarted it numerous times with no problems. So did a bit of a cleanup and a few virus scans, confident it was fixed unplugged it and took it back into my sons room. Hooked it back up, initially it started up fine no problems then froze when I tried to click on the start button. So I restarted it, again it loaded no problems went for a little longer then froze again. Only after that restart were now again back to the no signal coming up on the monitor, mouse still lit up light a christmas tree but no lights on the keyboard.

    I'm almost positive if I went to all the effort of unplugging it again and hooking it up to were my main computer is again it will work fine. I'm just totally stumped as to what the problem might be. It has to be something causing a issue in that room but I'm really stumped as to what. The monitor was tested and works, the changing of monitor leads didn't make a difference. And all that really leaves different is the power cord. However if the power cord was a issue why is the tower getting power and occasionally running then freezing?

    If anyone could help it would be much appretiated. I'm so over pulling leads out and carting it around the house lol. And my son is driving me nuts about getting it working for him. I know a bit about computers, have always fixed everything myself when it comes to them, but in saying that I'm not a genious either. I can't afford at this stage to take it to our local computer guys, but in saying that they have never been able to fix something I couldn't anyway. I know this has got to be something simple but it's just driving me crazy. Also if it was a graphics card I would think it would still act up when I changed it's location.
  2. example1013

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    So let me see if I can clear this up for myself:

    The monitor cables work fine.

    The monitor itself works fine.

    The monitor even worked for a bit hooked up to your son's computer

    But, at the moment, the monitor won't work with your son's computer.

    Is that correct?
  3. allana1313

    allana1313 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sorry I'll try again

    The computer I'm having issues with I'll call computer 1 to make it a bit easier. I also have another computer in the house which I've been testing stuff on that works perfectly so I'll call this computer 2.

    When monitor 1 is connected to computer 1 it reads no signal
    When monitor 1 is connected to computer 2 it works fine

    When monitor leads from 1 were connected to 2 they worked (rulling out lead issues)

    When monitor 2 was connected to computer 1 it still read no signal

    When the tower from 1 was plugged in to tower 2's equiptment so everything minus tower it then worked perfectly for over a hour

    So basically I'm stumped because after tests it shows monitor is fine, tower is fine, leads are fine when tested seperetly but when all put together so 1 is a complete setup again it isn't working. Hope that makes a bit more sense?
  4. winterwolf1223

    winterwolf1223 TS Rookie Posts: 55

    wait so your son's computer started up for an hour, WHILE plugged into your working computer's equipment and then froze? and now the monitor doesnt respond on your son's computer again Is that correct?

    It might actually be that something is wrong with your son's computer and that it never got to the start up point. Did you test a different monitor on your son's computer?
  5. allana1313

    allana1313 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes basically my son's computer went stupid about a month ago. First started freezing then started this issue it has now. Basically you turn it on, the tower gets power fans run, mouse lights up (however keyboard dosn't) and monitor dosn't get off standby mode. After weeks of messing around swapping leads and monitors back and forth yesterday I took my son's tower downstairs and blew the dust out from inside "thinking that might be the issue".

    Instead of hooking it back up to were it normally goes, I decided to go to my computer, remove my tower and put my son's in instead. So basically just hooking my son's tower up to my monitor, mouse, keyboard, power leads etc and it worked no problems at all, no freezing nothing. I used the computer even on the internet for over a hour without problems.

    However once I removed my son's computer from my equiptment and took it back to his room with his monitior, leads etc it started up first go and seemed to be working. But then shortly after startup froze. So I restarted the computer using the main power button and again it repeated the same process. On the third attempt at startup it went back to the initial issue of monitor back on black screen saying "no signal". My issue is I can't understand why when I hooked his tower up to my equiptment that it worked fine. Because I origionally unhooked my monitor, monitor lead etc and put it on his computer in his room. So I can't understand why the same equiptment just being in different rooms would change the problem.

    The only thing different that I didn't initionally try was the power lead, that's all I can think it might be, and I will try that again tonight to see if that does make a difference, however I'm skeptical that it will.

    Basically I'm just trying to work out what is causing this, a power lead?, a graphic card or maybe motherboard is on it's way out. But if that's the case it dosn't make sense that it's hardware when it worked fine on my equiptment. Sorry it's all sounding confusing, I'm struggling to explain it in writting. :) but thanks for the replies
  6. allana1313

    allana1313 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    sorry also forgot to say that YES, I did initially try a known working monitor on my son's computer when it was set up in his room and still had the same issue. However when I plugged my son's computer in were my computer usually goes, to the same monitor I tried in his room that failed , it worked.
  7. winterwolf1223

    winterwolf1223 TS Rookie Posts: 55

    That is Maybe there is a spirit in his room that prevents the computer from working AHAHA! But I am pretty sure that it should not be the power cable that is causing the computer to not work in one room and not the other because mostly all cables are the same voltage (125v) i think. I went through 3 different computers with different power supplies using the same power cable and works perfectly fine.

    This may sound crazy but did you try to move all your WORKING equipments into your son's room and plug it into his computer and try if it works? Because if that works, it means that there is something wrong with your son's equipment and not his tower. And it will also prove that it is not the environment that is affecting your son's computer.
  8. allana1313

    allana1313 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    lol I know right absolutly makes no sense that the same equiptment would work in one room and not the other. I'm going to unplug my son's computer shortly, try it out here again and if it works then I'll try moving my equiptment into he's room and see what happens, if it fails again in there we'll have to blame the ghosts :). Like you said power cord really shouldn't be making a difference, however I was thinking maybe he's computers power lead is faulty and not delivering enough power?, still makes no sense. Anyhow I'll give this a go, so over crawling behind computer desks pulling out leads. I'll let you's all know how I go.
  9. allana1313

    allana1313 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok finally getting somewere. So I've narrowed it down to it is the tower. I unplugged my son's tower and tried setting it up to my monitor etc and this time it didn't work on it either. Maybe yesterday when I blew out the dust it done something to make it work for a while, and was just coincidence that it stoped working when I shifted it again. So basically what it's doing, I power on the tower, lights come on the tower, you hear the fans run but there is no windows or startup beeps coming from the machine. CD tray is working. And basically nothing going to the monitor so monitor is in stanbye mode, with nothing but a black screen. Any suggestions as to what is wrong and how I can fix it would be much appretiated.
  10. allana1313

    allana1313 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    It looks as though I've managed to fix the computer :). After a lot of internet reading I ended up reseting the csmo jumpers and when it booted back up we had beeps and windows started. Tried a few more restarts and seem's to be working fine. So I'm not sure what happend but reseting the jumpers worked. If anyone knows what would of caused that please by all means let me know.

    Just thought I'd post for future reference if anyone had a simular problem
  11. winterwolf1223

    winterwolf1223 TS Rookie Posts: 55

    Sorry have been busy with midterms the past week. But I am happy you got it to work. I was really starting to believe in the ghost thing LOL!!! GL and I hope it continues to work!!!

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