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Jun 7, 2003
  1. I am having troubles with a Compaq Presario 5460. I turn it on, it loads Windows 98 SE, but when I get to the part where I am supposed to enter my password, the keyboard nor the mouse work. I have hooked up the same mouse & keyboard to another computer, so I know it is not there. The lights on the keyboard flash when the computer 1st turns on, but nothing after that. What could be the problem & how do I correct it? TIA!
  2. acidosmosis

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    I know this may sound like an obvious question, but make sure the keyboard isn't in the mouse port, and the mouse in the keyboard port.

    I myself have accidently put the two in the opposite places as long as I've been doing it, because lots of computers are confusing since they label the keyboard/mouse horizontally when the keyboard/mouse connections are vertical to each other, so it is kind of confusing which is which. The color codes help sometimes, except when the connection on the back of the computer isn't color coded.

    Since you know they are working, maybe its possible something is wrong with the mouse/keyboard connection on the motherboard.
  3. DeVonnall

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    K, thanks for the tip, I did check & they are plugged in right. Is this something I could take to a computer tech to look at & they would know? I am trying to help a friend out & save him some $$$, but I am not too good at the inside of towers:)
  4. acidosmosis

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    Oh, well if something is wrong with that connection like I mentioned then I doubt any technician could fix it. You would to have to RMA the board or the PC.

    Its unlikely that, that is the problem, but it is possible.
  5. PreservedSwine

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    I've seen this before....anyway, re-format the drive and re-load windows ought to fix it, though that may be a bit extreme.
  6. Tarkus

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    I've got an after-market KBD and mouse on my daughters Gateway and the colorcoding on the KBD connector matches the mouse port or the mouse matches the kbd port...I forget which, anyway they work mostly but sometimes, especially in her games things don't work right when I have them hooked up wrong...just a thought on that possibility.

    You might try booting to safe mode and checking device manager and make sure they're still detected and the drivers are working. Also...check BIOS settings.
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