Monitor/mouse/keyboard wont respond

By lotta123
Jan 26, 2008
  1. So I ordered a brand new computer, finally got it and plugged it in only to find out my monitor/keyboard/mouse wont respond. I opened the case, everything was connected right, Thinking it might be a power supply prob i put in my 500watt one and left it. Still nothing. I reconnected all wires, graphics card and even the cpu itself. Nothing happened. I took out the ram and left one in..still nothing. I dont ever hear any prompt or beep when i start it up but everything seems to be running fine inside the case..the harddrive fans and graphics fan all work. I unplugged everything but 1 stick of ram/psu/graphics and nothing. I think its a faulty mobo since my last computers monitor stopped responding and i figured the pci slot gave out or something on it. I looked at my new mobo and none of the batteries seem to be bad. Any thoughts?

    here are my specs
    MSI K9A2 CF-F AMD 790X CrossFire Chipset w/7.1 Sound, Dual Gb LAN, S-ATA Raid, USB 2.0, Dual PCI-E MB )
    1024MB [512MB X2] DDR2-800 PC6400 Memory Module Mushkin
    NVIDIA GeForce 8500GT 256MB w/DVI + TV Out Video
    AMD AthlonT64 X2 5200+ Dual-Core CPU w/ HyperTransport Technology
    160 GB HARD DRIVE [Serial-ATA-II, 3Gb, 7200 RPM, 8M Cache] (pre-formatted, no operating system)
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Return this brand new system and get your money back
  3. lotta123

    lotta123 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    the company is sending me a new mobo
  4. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    Good luck with this :)
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