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Apr 1, 2009
  1. Hey I recently ordered some new parts to build a better computer and have ran into some trouble.

    The main bit of it being that my monitor isn't displaying anything when I start up the system.

    Currently I have an old dell monitor plugged into the video card which is a NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT( ) , using an adapter to hook up my monitor.

    I would have it plugged into the mother board ( ) except that my monitor plug is VGA.

    Basically what I was wondering is if there is an adapter out there so that I could plug the monitor into the motherboard, or if there is some way I could get it to display through the video card without changing any software settings?
  2. Bluemouse

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    I'm assuming that you're using a DVI to VGA adapter? That's the one that you would use if there's no VGA input for your gfx card. Don't plug your monitor into the motherboard (assuming

    You aren't displaying anything? Even at the post screen? Or once you boot into windows? If it's the former, then your graphics card isn't working/connected correctly. If it's the latter then drivers are your problem.

    I assume you at least get a POST? Check to make sure that your graphics card is inserted properly, that the adapters/cables are connected properly (maybe change ports if you have more than one).


    Hmm, I looked at your motherboard, and it's SLI capable, meaning that there are two slots for the graphics card to go. Try moving your card over to the other PCI-E slot. Also, sometimes there's a "card" on the motherboard itself that you have to flip over or switch to enable SLI if you're going to try to do that...
  3. knihT

    knihT TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yes I'm using the DVI to VGA adapter.

    What happens when I press the power button is, you know the power button on the monitor, it stays yellow. Normally it'll turn green then show loading screen yada yada. It doesn't even turn green or display a thing.

    I'll see if the graphics card is hooked up properly, is that most likely the problem? That would save me a headache lol.
  4. Bluemouse

    Bluemouse TS Rookie Posts: 195

    Yeah, it's one of a few things most likely (unless I'm overlooking something?)

    1) You're not plugging the monitor/adapter into the right place on the gfx card (shouldn't be an issue)
    2) Your cable/adapter is loose or your adapter is broken
    3) Your graphics card isn't in the correct slot or isn't fully connected to the mobo (most probable)
    4) Your graphics card is busted (unlikely)
    5) The slot for your graphics card on your mobo is busted (even more unlikely)
    6) Random bios stuff/Missing a switch or card on your mobo. You might have to change the config in your bios to use PCI-E instead of PCI or something, but it should still work....
  5. knihT

    knihT TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ah, yea the problem was that I didn't have both plugs of the video card hooked up to the power supply. Once I did that it loaded up. Now my problem is not being able to connect to the internet. I've got a cable modem and the Ethernet port on the back of the new motherboard has a red and orange light
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