Monitor shutting down randomly

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Aug 13, 2004
  1. sorry im posting this again but i need help

    hey im running a pentium 4 2 gigahurtz with a 64 meg geforce 4 440 se gfx card 512 mb ddram. My monitor is a p92 6557 03n 19" ibm model monitor. For a few months now my Monitor will randomly turn off. Although it happens more often when im playing high fps related games such as cs and dod (seems to happen everytime i get flashbanged (this causes the screen to go completely white)) it does happen at other random times such as when im opening an internet explorer page or when i first log on. The problem is my Monitor screen will just go blank. The light will go from green to blinking orange and make a noise like its going into standby mode. However i can still hear everything just fine and all it takes to repair is turning monitor power off and then on again. The screen seems to resize when it comes back on and it takes a minute for it to get back to normal. Ive heard it could be a power saving issue so i reset my bios made sure all the power saving features were set to off and set them in my control panel as well. My refresh rates are well within reasonable rates even when playing my games and i just installed a new mother board. I have also swapped gfx cards with the same problem still occuring. My question to yall have you ever heard/had this problem and do you have any ideas on how to fix it. Oh yes and also i have checked all power chords and monitor cables made sure they werent bent missing pegs any of that and made sure they were securely plugged in i have also bought a new case with newer fans to lower the temperature of my computer. Im wondering if its time i put down another 200$ for a monitor... and if so id like to know exactly what i did to screw this one up so bad. any help you could offer would be much appreciated
    and once again im sorry for double posting but my first thread was jumbled and i didnt relate my problem correctly thankyou


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  2. Raiders

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    i would prove out your monitor,,if you can get/borrow another one and run it a bit,, if the samething happens,,your problem would be a bit more involved. but if the problem goes away,, your monitor is going bad.
    sorry for the bad prognosis. but it happens,,jus be glad it just didnt plain"GO"
  3. HoNoR

    HoNoR TS Rookie Topic Starter


    i just tried it and im still having the same problem with random blackouts the other monitor i tried was a newer model and everything any other ideas?
  4. Shiney

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    I know its a pain but you got to swap out hardware if possible to eliminate the fault.
    Try the graphics card next.
  5. Mictlantecuhtli

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    The screen goes blank but applications continue to work? That sounds like a graphics card fault, not the GPU but other components. Maybe a bad contact that is affected by thermal expansion.
  6. FEMIE

    FEMIE TS Rookie

    Think of using a virus scan programme//
    Bros fims///
  7. FeTaLDaMagE

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    No it is most probable that it is his video card by the way he explains it.
  8. HoNoR

    HoNoR TS Rookie Topic Starter


    i already swapped out gfx card with the same problem persisting and im running panda titanium antivirus an lavasoft adaware daily i dont think those could be the problems what did you mean by thermal expansion
  9. Masque

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    Re: hey

    It's where a component will heat up and potentially break a contact when the components cool and shrink. It's not common, but it can happen.
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