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By circusboy01
Feb 9, 2013
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  1. I have 2 slots full, and 2 slots empty. I want all 4 slots full. I have a Compqg Presario with W7 that I want to take the memory out of and put in this one. I'm hoping all 4 memory things are the same.
    ( sorry I don't know the proper term) If not will they still work. As long as there are 2 pairs you know 2 of one kind ( or brand?? ) and 2 of another. Thanks
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    We need to know what model of PC your using as well.

    That said, as long as both sets are the same type, e.g. DDR2 or DDR3 they should work fine. If one set is faster than the other the system will default to the slowest speed across all four sticks but they should otherwise work.

    Factors that would prevent RAM working in your case would be incorrect type (which won't physically fit), the four sticks exceeding the maximum capacity of RAM for your motherboard or exceeding 4GB using a 32-bit operating system.

    Assuming they're the same type, don't exceed the maximum memory capacity and you have a 64-bit OS if you're exceeding 4GB of RAM you should be fine.

    If you still aren't sure download CPU-Z, run it and screenshot (and upload here) the memory page for both systems, as well as a screenshot of the mainboard page for the system you want to add the RAM to. I'll then give you a definite answer.
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  3. circusboy01

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    Sorry I forgot to put that in Lenovo

    Sorry I forgot to include that information. Lenovo IdeaCenter K300 64 bit
    slot DIMM0 2048 MB
    slot DIMM2 2048 MB
    1 & 3 are empty
    I'm guessing I can have more than 4096 MB of ram, Or I wouldn't have 2 empty slots. Right?
    Thought of another question. You say you can tell it's the wrong one if it doesn't fit.
    Are there any wrong ones that do fit? In other words can I rest assured its the right one, if it fits, and it doesnt exceed the maximum memory capacity..

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