Most web sites won't load at all, others do with no issues..

Online gaming, pc and xbox live, both work great. Websites are hit and miss.

Okay, a little back story. On around 9/11/12 I woke up to find a very spastic internet connection. Video games(like world of warcraft, steam games, etc) worked just fine. No sluggishness whatsoever. However, basic websites, all widely varied and unconnected would sometimes load.. other times they would just pretend they were loading.. circle repeatedly spinning like it would happen anytime. You could leave that up for an hour sometimes without it timing out.

I chalked it up to a number of things. We'd just had several storms roll through, one of which being a hurricane. Two days later after work we called the cable provider because it hadn't improved even a little bit, and I work with animals and have to routinely do research associated with my job. I'd get maybe 1 of 10 websites to load, some I'd never been to would work great, others wouldn't even load when I frequented them in the past. Yet this entire time we can STILL play online games on either the computer of the Xbox. The man from the cable company ran us through some basic things, they pinged various sites.. everything came back fine, even for sites that refused to load. After an hour on the phone the man was stumped. Everything on their end and ours both appeared to be just fine.

So he tells us to give it a little time, maybe something was slightly off. Told us to call back in a few days if the problem didn't resolve. Well, two days later.. there was no change whatsoever. We called back, got the same sort of run around and basic tests.. finally they say to just bring the router to the local office and swap it out because that's the only possible thing they can think of. We did this morning.. and nothing. No change. Exact same issues.

I've since then searched through old and new forums trying to find a concrete way to get this back in order, but resetting winsock and things of that nature have done nothing.

For details:
Windows 7
Main OS is Mozilla, but tried google chrome and IE with identical results.
Norton anti-virus(have also disabled this and the firewall just to be sure but no luck)
Spybot search and destroy(had used it in the past but only reinstalled it after issues began just to be sure).
There are two computers that are run through the modem with identical issues, and one wireless laptop.
ARRIS router from Cable One, have went into the configuration screens for it, but have not been able to note anything amiss).

Right now I am able to look these things up because google works fine if I just want to search. Clicking the links that pop up as a result either takes several clicks, will pretend like it's loading but sit there spinning indefinitely, or very rarely just time out altogether.
However, I have taken to clicking the cached version of the website and that works just fine, even when I have never been to the site myself personally.

ANY help would be appreciated. It's very frustrating to pay so much for a service and then when you do finally have time off or actually need to research, you are kind of just out of luck.. yet I could take a lazy day and play video games without problem. Maybe my router is trying to get me to take a vacation? :p

Really don't want to reformat if I can avoid it, and considering it's affecting multiple machines, I'm not sure it would help.


I'm using Firefox and it shows me some critical info when I access a URL
  1. looking up xxx
  2. connecting to xxx
  3. waiting on xxx
  4. done and the page is shown
(1) is the DNS lookup - - if this takes too long, the browser should show a timeout
(2) after finding the IP address of the url, this is where the connection is made and there can be
multiple issue at this point
  • connection reset (ie too many concurrent requests)
  • completed connection but no data at all
(3) data is being read by the browser and will continue in this state until there is nothing else to send.
Chrome & Opera will stall here forever {nothing shown} if (4) can not be reached

one test of the URL in question is to use TRACERT DOMAIN.NAME to see if it's possible to even
reach that server right now.