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Apr 12, 2008
  1. I bought a Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L ,ATX Form factor,& measures 305 x 210mm. I am looking for a case for this motherboard. I see a lot of cases with a ATX form factor. Now I want to be sure when I order one that it will fit this motherboard, so will a ATX form factor of a case fit all motherboards (is it universal fit) that have an ATX form factor. Does the dimensions of the motherboard matter? If anybody has any advice on this matter would be much apprieciated. Thanks for any help on this.
  2. Matthew

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    I would assume if a case advertises that they support the ATX form factor, they support up to a 12" x 9.6" (305mm x 244mm I think) ATX motherboard. That is the maximum size an ATX board can be as permitted by the ATX standards.
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    Thanks again Zenosincks, you steered me into the right direction. I did further research into ATX standards & found a very useful pdf file on ATX standards. I wish I could do an attachment because it would be very useful to a lot of people. Thanks again Zenosincks.
  4. Matthew

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    You can try posting a link instead if you care to.

    You're more than welcome, redneckbcer. :)
  5. Tedster

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    if the motherboard is ATX and the case is ATX, it will fit.

    There are some weird and generally obsolete motherboard styles like BTX. Also more common is micro-ATX. Usually found on low end systems.
  6. CMH

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    ATX boards will fit into ATX cases..... I don't see the point in setting a standard if manufacturers aren't going to adhere to it (especially since they advertise it at that standard).

    However, micro-ATX as mentioned is smaller than ATX. Most ATX cases will support micro-ATX, but if you took a look at the specifications, there are some additional holes needed, which aren't found on the ATX specification. Like I said, most ATX cases will have these extra holes drilled, but then again, if your ATX case doesn't come with these holes, drill them yourself :D

    And then you've got the smaller pico-ATX. I doubt you'd buy a pico-ATX motherboard and try to fit that into an ATX case, because it would be absolutely pointless.... They aren't too easy to find, nor cheap.

    As for BTX, I'm not sure if they are obsolete, I think I've seen BTX motherboards around, but generally for low end, office workstation PCs. You won't be able to fit those into ATX cases.
  7. Matthew

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    ...Let's see how many more times we can repeat it.
  8. CMH

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    I know I repeated the fact that ATX boards will fit into ATX cases, but I thought I'd just bring up the point on the other form factors.
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