Motherboard dead?

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Jul 11, 2010
  1. This is what i will explain after the information and tests i've gathered. I try turning on my pc with no pci cards, no graphics card and no ram inserted into my motherboard and i read that there is supposed to be some "BIOS beeps" without those things connected and I don't get ANY beeps at all. Is that a sign there's a motherboard problem?

    The board is an Intel D865PERL.
  2. dividebyzero

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    If the Intel BIOS has a beep code for CPU only then I'd say yes. I thought Award based BIOS's were the only ones that had a CPU only beep response.

    Apart from that, you seem to have walked in halfway through the movie...why are you trying to get a beep code from a board with only a CPU ?
    Normal procedure for testing a POST would be to have CPU, RAM, graphics and of course a PSU attached. The beep code would then narrow down the troubleshooting options a little.
    Have you gone through the troubleshooting options already ? If so, what was the outcome ?
    Basically, more information required.

    A motherboard model + no beep code isn't a lot to go on you understand.
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    I was trying to skip the stuff that i have done but I'll just say it now. There hasn't been any beeps no matter what was connected or not. I tested it with the video card and ram. Still no beeps. Also, beginning of the story is that my monitor was stuck in "stand by mode" and I tried multiple things to fix it. All unsuccessful so far. I tested another PSU on my motherboard and no different results. I tried another cmos "coin cell" battery, that didn't help. I tried refitting and blowing the ram, processor, and video card a few times and still nothing worked. So then this is when i tried to start the pc with a few pieces of hardware unattached and since there hasn't been any beeps no matter what combination of hardware was in or not, I think the motherboard is my problem. It is around 6 years old roughly I should point out. X)

    Also, the mouse doesn't seem to be getting power when i turn on the pc. The light flashes for a quick moment right after i press the power button but then stays off completely.
  4. dividebyzero

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    Your diagnosis would seem the correct one then...RIP 865PE mobo.
    One consolation is that if you're pretty certain that the CPU is still viable then a replacement board could be gotten for next to nothing-likely shipping would cost more than the hardware.
    That presupposes that you have an OEM OS tied to the CPU/board and all the other components on hand.....otherwise it's small change on ebay and time to join life after 478 socket.
  5. jm0n

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    lol yea, i was looking at ebay for the same mobo and of course they are all used (from the few i looked up a little more thoroughly) but I have to wait and see if my dad is just going to buy me a whole new system. Idc honestly, If I had the cash, I'd get the replacement mobo. Not my money, so I guess i really won't complain with whatever the outcome is. Just as long as i get a running pc for myself soon lol.
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