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Feb 7, 2014
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  1. I'm building a arcade machine at the moment and I was wondering what are the rules for installing a motherboard? I used some old gear at first to test and wasn't very succesful since it just died on me (I hope it's only the power supply though) I installed it on a frame I screwed to wood at first. But I don't think the frame was suitable for it because sometimes the power just went out while playing, I think the pins got in touch with the frame somehow.

    Now I'm thinking about installing them on tubes to create a form of platform on the wood and use screws to drill through the tubes in the wood. Does anyone have any experience or advice on this?
  2. cliffordcooley

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    Might be best to use a removable trey. You can mount the removable trey with the motherboard already attached. Whether you cut the trey out of a case or decided to construct a homemade trey is up to you. Working with a trey though would be much easier than trying to mount the motherboard in the box, without predefined screw locations.
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    I added a picture to show you what I'm talking about. Is this safe to use for your motherboard?

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    Yeah those plastic spacers are safe, as long as they are all the same length. I'm not so sure about the screws though. Those counter-sink screw could bust the PCB. Probably best to use screws with a flat surface.
  5. Jeanvion

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    Thank you for your advice cliffordcooley! :)

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