Motherboard replacement questions

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Hey guys,

Gateway Rig
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
Motherboard: Foxconn C51GU01 Motherboard
Ram Speed, size and #sticks: 2048MB DDR Dual Channel 4 sticks, two 512 dead either actual ram or motherboard error not sure.

GPU: BFG NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT OC 512MB PCIe 2.0
PSU: PC Power & Cooling 750 watt (brand New)
OS: Microsoft Windows XP

This is my current computer. The motherboard on my computer is acting kinda crazy, so i need to replace it. I was wondering If i can replace it with an AM2/AM3 motherboard, such that i can use my current processor and eventually buy a phenom II or something along those lines. Do these AM2/AM3 motherboard work well with either processor or is there a catch to them?

I realize that then I would need to buy new RAM most likely. But would i have to for example reinstall the OS, or is that something that doesn't matter if i just switch the motherboard?

Also I was wondering how standard the cooling unit screw are on the motherboard. To see if I could also skip from buying one of those.

Also while I'm at it would you buy one 4GB stick of memory or two 2GB. Or is the processor too much of a bottleneck?

Either way I was intending to buy the phenom II processor in like a year or two.

Thx for the help :)


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Hey man thanks a lot for the reply.

Turns out I can actually spend a little more then I thought on the upgrade.
So I'm thinking of buying a motherboard with DDR3, and a dual core Phenom II probably 550.

Any tips on a motherboard? Or any hating on the 550?


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I'm not familiar with Gateway's OS policy. That is whether they give you an actual Windows disc, or "recovery discs. Recovery discs are disc "images" and in the case of many manufacturers, they won't work with a new board.

Don't shoot the messenger, but many times when an OEM board dies, your copy of Windows dies with it. Point being I suppose, that you may not have quite as much money as you think for your upgrade.


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Thanks for the warning captain. Yea I took that into consideration just gonna install XP instead of Win 7, and i got an open box last XP the other day so it was dirt cheap :D.

Thanks alot for the advice dustin I've now bought everything except the motherboard. Was convinced by the sales rep that MA770T-UD3P was just as good, but it obviously aint gonna return it morrow and yell in his ear some.

Oh and dunno if anybody cares, but if your looking for the same thing.

Microcenter has the CPU at 87$
Microcenter has the RAM at 110$ which is more expensive but has a 30$ rebate.
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