Mouse and keyboard problems

By SBDave
Aug 28, 2005
  1. Hi,

    I built my new PC a couple of weeks ago, and was working fine, had a few slight issues with my wireless mouse and keyboard, not being very responsive. Then I went away for a couple of weeks, and have come back to find a rather crippling problem.

    I have a problem with both the keyboard and mouse, so as they will only move for a fraction of a second before sezing up and not working, and then maybe move slightly more a bit later. Its so bad that I cant actually login to windows, I cant type in my password or anyhting.
    Initially I assumed it was the wireless keyboard after my earlier problems, but then I put in my old (PS2) keyboard and mouse and exactly the same thing happened.
    One time I managed to hit del on boot and get into bios, but could find no clues. However, the keyboard was working fine, I got logged in, then it all went wrong when I moved the mouse. This edges me toward thinking it is the mouse issue, which 'sets off' the keyboard.

    I tried taking out the mouse, and it worked fine with just the keyboard, so I then plugged in the mouse, and that worked too. the little new hardware found bubble coming up in the bottom corner. I rebooted to try and see if it would still work, and it did. So I came back with the same setup this morning, and the same problem happened again. I then tried it with just the keyboard, and no luck this time. Very frustrating.

    I really dont know what to do, it isnt a hardware issue as it occurs on both sort of ports, maybe its a mobo issue, I hope not, I would have to rebuild the whole lot! Anyway, any help would be nice, my new PC is crippled!
  2. Trax_1

    Trax_1 TS Rookie

    That's a difficult problem

    Is your keyboard wireless as well as the mouse. If so I would almost wonder if the signals are messing each other up. So try PS2 on keyboard and mouse. with wired mouse and keyboard. If that works try it for a while with just a wireless mouse. If that works try it for a while with just the wireless keyboard. If that works you could pretty much be sure that it is a problem with the signals screwing with each other. Other then that I would just go through the internals on the computer and make sure that every one of you connections are good and tight. I don't know that I was much help but I tried. Good luck.
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