Mouse/Keyboard not getting power, No signal on monitor

By ryans1091
Mar 13, 2010
  1. Hello, I recently came home and my computer wasn't working properly. Everything was turning on like normal, and everything sounded normal, except I had no signal on my monitor, and my keyboard/mouse weren't getting any power. Sometimes I will get lucky and the keyboard/mouse will randomly start to work, and I am able to get into my computer, until I shut it down before I go to bed, then It doesn't work once again. When the computer is on and I slowly insert the USB Mouse, I can see it light up then it fades quickly. I have tried different mouse/keyboards and still have had the same issue.

    I checked the capacitors and everything looks fine. I have also tried draining the power or whatever (Holding down the power button while it is unplugged). I have an ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe for my motherboard, and I have a NVIDIA 7600 GT for my graphics card. I can see the fans spinning on the CPU fan, Chipset fan, graphics card fan, PSU fan. Please help!'

    I have been reading online about hearing "Beeps" I have not heard any, nor do I recall hearing any before this problem happened. I need to remind you that my computer was untouched in my room and when I came home I found this problem.
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