Mozilla kills Metro version of Firefox, says shipping the browser "would be a mistake"

Himanshu Arora

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Just four days before it was due to ship, Mozilla has scrapped the Metro version of Firefox citing low adoption of the Windows 8 Metro interface -- which Microsoft now calls "Modern UI". Johnathan Nightingale, Mozilla's Vice President of Firefox,...

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The product was too cumbersome to use, even if unfinished. I loaded it up several times in place of IE, but always got frustrated. Also, it's unfortunate that you can only use a metro browser if it's set as the default browser, and that problem lays with MS.
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The low numbers also indicate that the browser's Metro version wasn't properly tested, which means that the company would probably have had to deal with a large number of bugs, requiring a lot of follow-up engineering, QA, and design effort, had they decided to release it.
Poor testing, lots of bugs, low number of users....sounds like :)

Seriously though.. Windows needs to go talk to Google and work something out so they can use Android apps. I know that'll mess up the whole ecosystem competition of every big company trying to get every to use their own cloud stuff complete with email and the like. But Windows mobile is going to go the way of the Zune if they don't figure something out.


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The excuse is strange to be this far in and only to decide now. Did they not make any marketing research prior to? I think they should release it anyway. Firefox itself may fall into the realm of low-adaptation products soon, 26% and falling...
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Yay, Mozilla!

Now there is a phrase I never thought I would hear myself say. After all the time I spent avoiding, switching to Firefox.
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Its kind of a shame that Microsoft couldn't get good Metro apps up and working fast enough. To be honest, technology has finally caught up with Windows 8, and I'm really starting to see how it was supposed to work.

When it first came out, the touchscreen laptops were unrefined and just drained the battery faster, so there wasn't much reason to buy them. As a result, Windows 8 was really out of place and the technology it was built for just wasn't on the market. Now, the 2-in-1 laptops in particular actually seem to work extremely well with Windows 8. I tried a few the other day, and was pleasantly surprised with how far they've come.

Unfortunately, when so many people have already made up their minds that Windows 8 is the work of Satan, it'll be a lot harder to build support now regardless of how many issues they've fixed.


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It's a shame, I recently bought a 2 in 1 laptop and I simply love it, it's the most useful tablet you can ever buy. Windows 8.1 works flawlessly on this type of device, still, the only Internet browser app I would love to use is Opera. Anyway I completely recommend a Windows 8.1 tablet, an IPad or an Android tablet is a toy compare to my Windows 8 hybrid computer.
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Mozilla will always lay the blame on windows 8, as if its browser share in windows 7/vista/xp is not slipping. maybe Mozilla should release a version 'firefox xp'.
opera is now a google chrome sibling so the browser choices are now fewer. (IE, Mozilla firefox, opera/google chrome, take your pick)
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