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Mozilla pays 12-year-old $3,000 for finding critical Firefox flaw

By Emil ยท 47 replies
Oct 23, 2010
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  1. Mozilla pays a bounty to security researchers who disclose vulnerabilities they find in an appropriate manner. The latest security researcher to get paid is none other than Alex Miller, a 12-year-old boy. Miller found and reported a critical buffer overflow and memory corruption flaw in Mozilla's Firefox browser and earned $3,000 for his discovery, according to Mercury News. Miller says he was motivated to search for Firefox security holes after Mozilla increased its bug bounty from $500 to $3,000.

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  2. bakape

    bakape TS Enthusiast Posts: 123

    HAHAHAHA! I've been laughing ever since I read the title :D Great job kiddo!
  3. bugejakurt

    bugejakurt TS Booster Posts: 158   +15

    Nice man you got a career on your path.
  4. He looks like a young Bill Gates.
  5. Alster37

    Alster37 TS Maniac Posts: 284

    It must be so hard to find flaws in security browsers unless you know generally a lot about computer coding
  6. blimp01

    blimp01 TS Enthusiast Posts: 144

    this kids gona create his own OS and rule the market in a few years
  7. grvalderrama

    grvalderrama TS Booster Posts: 194

    wow, poor kid, that is not the way to carry a 12 year-old life.
  8. i don't get it? how do these kids know so much at such a young age?
  9. madboyv1

    madboyv1 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,521   +411

    Kids these days are far more computer oriented than 10 years ago, and the wealth of open information and open source software has exploded in the last 5 years. It is not particularly any surprise considering how connected they are now, and congrats to the kid for his find.

    Though, I do lament the drop in the concept/enjoyment of "going out to play" that seems to be occurring.
  10. grvalderrama

    grvalderrama TS Booster Posts: 194

  11. If I own Mozilla Firefox, I will give more.

    What is $3,000 if you are making millions.
  12. DokkRokken

    DokkRokken TS Rookie Posts: 266

    Why not? He's spent hours becoming amazingly proficient in a very useful field all on his own, and applied himself. I'd say those are very admirable traits in a twelve year old.

    Good job, kiddo!
  13. You shouldn't call him a Bill Gates, based on the background on the photo :)
  14. You are right. Please accept my apology
  15. kakarot27

    kakarot27 TS Member Posts: 80

    200 dollars an hour.......NICE :) good job
  16. grvalderrama

    grvalderrama TS Booster Posts: 194

    Exactly, I believe (and so does madboyv1, I pressume) he should spend more time doing what 12 year old boys should do. You may say "hey, he's just earned 3000 dollars! who cares what he should be doing!" and I wonder at what cost he earned that amount of money. Think about it, what were you doing when you were 12 year-old?
  17. Wendig0

    Wendig0 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,137   +134

    Agreed! This brilliant young man will go far in life!

    That comment is like me saying, 'making parenting judgments online instead of chasing tail at a club is no way to lead a 22 year old's life.' It just doesn't wash.

    Don't judge him. What he perceives as fun may be completely different that what you or I considered "fun" at 12 years old. If he's finding security flaws in Firefox at 12, he's obviously extremely gifted. That gift should be reinforced and nurtured. I would say "poor kid" if his parents were forcing him to become a computer geek instead of letting him play with his friends, but that doesn't seem to be the case according to the story.

    You really have no idea what his life is like. For all we know, he's got more friends than you or I ever had. Geeks are the new jocks dude.
  18. tweakboy

    tweakboy TS Guru Posts: 467

    This guy is a genius He looks like Bill Gates son.
  19. customcarvin

    customcarvin TS Enthusiast Posts: 102   +8

    Obviously some of you here are conformists! Who cares if he doesnt do what "normal" 12 year olds do! I think it's a good thing that he's not "normal" it sets him apart and makes him special from the average Joe Blow... Hmmm lets see here what do "normal" 12 year old do? -throw balls and hit them with wooden sticks, or burn ants, or throw rocks at abandoned biuldings, or ride bikes off of sweet jumps, or play wii... This kid's examining browser code for vulnerability, that's &$;#! amazing!

    As long as the kid is happy and healthy I say more power to him. I wish I had intelligence of that caliber!
  20. grimm808

    grimm808 TS Rookie Posts: 30

    I had a screw up today in firefox were it locked up and I had to restart it while I was mutli-tab browsing, too bad i'm not smart enough to figure out if it was a big problem (which it more than likely isn't).
  21. freythman

    freythman TS Booster Posts: 113   +10

    Good job, kid. Now go outside and play before your childhood is gone.
  22. ElShotte

    ElShotte TS Booster Posts: 164   +8

    Great job for someone his age, he will probably go far in life. Also, that's a great addition to his resume when he's old enough to have one. But yeah, like others have pointed out, if he spends most of his time on his computer, alone, his social skills might be non-existent when he turns, let's say, 18, might be difficult to find a prom date. He's lucky he's got them blue eyes, that's always a winner ;)
  23. jizzyburnizzy

    jizzyburnizzy TS Enthusiast Posts: 66   +9

    crazy smart kid, where was he when Vista was released?
  24. Davidoff

    Davidoff TS Member Posts: 46

  25. 63Jax

    63Jax TS Enthusiast Posts: 85

    lucky son of a *****:)

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