Mozilla releases 64-bit Firefox for Windows with latest Developer Edition

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Mar 3, 2015
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  1. Mozilla has finally released a 64-bit version of their Firefox web browser for Windows, joining other major browsers including Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera in offering 64-bit variants.

    However, at this stage the 64-bit version of Firefox is a Developer Edition build, which is one of Mozilla's beta builds of Firefox. While the Developer Edition channel is far more stable than the Nightly channel, it's not the same as the main builds of Firefox that users will typically download. As such, 64-bit Firefox could be considered as being in the beta phase at this stage.

    If all goes to plan, Mozilla will release a stable version of 64-bit Firefox for Windows with Firefox 38, scheduled for release in May. At that point it will sit alongside the already-released 64-bit variants for OS X and Linux.

    Firefox 38 Developer Edition, complete with 64-bit addressing, brings support for web applications larger than 4 GB, which is great for developers wanting to build large browser-based games. Thanks to new hardware registers and a larger address space, Mozilla claims the 64-bit version is also faster and more secure than before.

    The latest Developer Edition also includes some WebRTC changes and fixes, as well as a few other improvements for developers. Anyone interested in upgrading to the 64-bit version of Firefox can do so via Mozilla's Developer Edition page.

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  2. Too little too late, already jumped ship to chrome long ago due to browsing memory limitations.
  3. Yawn. Already at 64bit with Waterfox.
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  4. I browse with tons of tabs and have never ran into memory limitations. That said, can't wait for 64-bit FF on windows. Nothing beats Firefox when it comes to customization and expandability. Still my favorite browser.
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  5. Burty117

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    Sorry Firefox, had you done this 12 months ago I might have considered it but I jumped to Chrome 64-bit and have not looked back, apart from Crashing no where near as much, loads everything considerably quicker and I can use all the RAM in the world!
  6. Captain Five

    Captain Five TS Rookie

    No need to wait. There's Waterfox out there in 64-bit for quite a while now. It's Firefox in Blue.
    Also there another version that is very good and very stable, also based on Firefox, it's Pale Moon. That's the one I've used and keep using for a couple of years now. And it doesn't use the same profile as Firefox. So you can have both on same system.
  7. Cryio

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    We don't need *64 bit* Firefox. We need a Firefox that is multithread aware. It's not like we are all sitting on a single thread Haswell/Broadwell CPU that runs at 5 GHz with 20 MB of L3 cache.
  8. I'm trying browsers again. Mozilla is focusing on adding features to firefox which leaves it insecure. Don't believe "we put your privacy first", its a lie.

    The developers are now stating that they will NOT fix some loopholes and exploits which many users have raised concerns about and are well known. Theres a lot of wrangling behind the scenes with a few core developers blocking resolution of those problems.

    If you're thinking about moving to firefox and value privacy and security, you will want to track some issues and turn some things off.
  9. Route44

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    I am not doubting you per se but link about them stating that they will not fix loopholes? Thanks
  10. I think *multithread aware* Firefox is useless if sitting on 2-3GB RAM memory allocation...
    Also current Firefox is not too extensive in CPU usage, unless u doing something, not to mention who doing that is small number of people.

    We need *64 bit* Firefox (lol who is we)

    I think Firefox is heavy in memory usage, of course in web browser general, Firefox is considered light.
    Even people who doesn't know task manager is receiving some slowdown due their Firefox memory allocation has touched 2GB+

    After *64 bit* Firefox is implemented, CPU multithread aware is more than elegant touch for Firefox.
  11. theres this:
    #45 "..I propose we close this with WONTFIX."
    #68 "..We are not going to put WebRTC behind a permissions dialog
    by default." (making it an opt-out vulnerability)
    The stupbornness to throw an alert up when using the feature and promoting the features without informing users is worrying, so asume this applies to other areas.

    Pertaining to this vulnerability:
    which was known about in 2013 afaik.

    Some random coverage/description:
    ..too many to list but thats the gist of it.

    Note there has been the same stance and fighting going on with google Chrome too about this one.

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