Mozilla Weave hits 1.0, synchronizes your Firefox experience across devices

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Mozilla's browser sync tool, Weave, has finally hit version 1.0 after over two years in development. The add-on is available for both the desktop and mobile versions of Firefox, and uses a cloud-based, password-protected service to securely store and synchronize bookmarks, passwords, filled forms, preferences, your web browsing history and even open tabs between multiple devices running Mozilla's browser.

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Although they worked a lot on it there just isn't enough hype around it. I for one am not exited.


Hi, Mozilla Weave is great, but I would like to see a couple of improvements; First, a few check-marks within the application preferences to select only what I want to Sync - Per example; Let's say I want to sync only my Bookmarks but not Web History, neither Passwords. The other fellows, X-Marks, do provide the option to select only what you want to Sync, but unfortunately, Mozilla Weave syncs everything without giving you a fine grain control of what you want to exclude, it looks you either have to eat the whole enchilada or you have to eat the whole enchilada. Second, I would like to see an option where you can edit your bookmarks online through a SSL connection like X-marks. On the other hand, I do not consider X-Marks better, especially since it jumped from being a bookmarking only service to a Search Spy through their "look what color of toilet paper other people is using" policy
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